BihlerMED Surgical Lighting Innovations On Display At AAOS 2018

February 28, 2018

(Phillipsburg, NJ – February 2018) BihlerMED, a leading provider of medical illumination technology and devices, will be showcasing their latest in product design, technical engineering, research & development, product testing and much more at the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS 2018), in New Orleans, March 6-10. Attendees will have the opportunity to view demonstrations of its surgical lighting devices at BihlerMED Booth #3736. “Considering the critical role that precision lighting plays in today’s orthopedic procedures, AAOS 2018 is the ideal place and time to showcase our products along with our full range of contract manufacturing and automation capabilities,” commented Dan Coppersmith, Sales and Marketing Manager for BihlerMED.

The BihlerMED line-up of innovative product offerings on display and being demonstrated at AAOS 2018 includes:


Scintillant Surgical Lighting offers untethered illumination via a cordless battery pack – the only lighting line of its kind. This freedom from traditional corded lighting enables illumination in places where traditional light sources aren’t capable of going. Paired with a suction, retractor and innovative zip strap mounting options, the Scintillant Surgical Light offers versatile targeted illumination. An additional dual tip option rounds out the Scintillant family, designed to mate with existing port style reactors to precisely illuminate the surgical aperture. Improving on the limitations of standard surgical lighting equipment is the BihlerMED mission; developing a variety of innovative products from this technology platform is its specialty.


The View Medical Surgilight overcomes the limitations of traditional overhead surgical lighting by allowing the LED light source to be precisely directed via a long, flexible shaft. The result is the safe illumination of a precise surgical area from virtually any angle without the need for the surgeon to wear a head light. “When surgeons are working with overhead lighting, their head and hands often create unwanted shadows,” explains Coppersmith. “With Surgilight’s highly maneuverable and adjustable illumination, shadows are quickly and easily mitigated.” Traditional overhead lights adjust by swinging and pivoting; Surgilight’s flexible arm allows for more agile and precise positioning of the light source.

Surgilight is powered by a rechargeable battery source, and depending on the required level of brightness, can provide up to eleven hours of continuous illumination. With its simple plug-and-play configuration, Surgilight mounting accessories easily adapt to a wide range of standard overhead lighting components and fixtures. The modular nature of the connection makes switching between overhead mounting and side rail table mounting quick and easy. Surgilight is also constructed with a mounting feature that accommodates GoPro cameras, eliminating the need for bulky videography equipment, which may interfere with surgical team interaction or operating procedures.

Note – The View Medical Surgilight is not yet available for sale. Please contact BihlerMED for more information.


BihlerMED has entered into partnership with Lineus Medical® to introduce SafeBreak® Vascular, a breakaway medical device technology designed to prevent IV dislodgement. Featuring innovative quick-disconnect technology, SafeBreak Vascular separates to protect the IV, when a damaging level of force is applied to an IV line.

Designed by Lineus Medical, SafeBreak Vascular has valves at both ends that stop the flow of fluid from the patient and the IV pump if the device separates. The valve that shuts off flow from the IV pump, causes the IV pump to alarm, notifying the nursing staff that the IV line needs attention.

Following the completion of SafeBreak Vascular’s concept design phase, Lineus Medical recognized the need for a partner who could assist in executing the proper strategy, production planning, engineering and manufacturing for the product. For this, the company sought the expertise of BihlerMED in October of 2016, whose past experience in the medical device and contract manufacturing industries proved instrumental in the advancement of SafeBreak Vascular breakaway technology.

Note – The SafeBreak Vascular is not yet available for sale. Please contact BihlerMED for more information.


BihlerMED cordially welcomes writers, editors and publishers attending AAOS 2018, and is scheduling press appointments at this time. To schedule a meeting or interview, please call Dan Coppersmith, Sales and Marketing Manager at 908- 329-9123, or email with the Subject “AAOS Media Request.” Drop-ins also are welcome to visit the company’s exhibit, Booth #3736.