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Switch to the new servo-controlled BNC production systems for your production of strip and wire parts. The machines and all processing units are fully compatible with the MRP standard. All existing tool applications of MRP machine types UB2(B), UB3(B) and UB4(B) can be quickly and easily adapted and optimized for the BNC 2 and BNC 4. You benefit from significantly higher productivity and flexibility in your production and increase your added value.

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Machine Details

Standardized servo manufacturing system for a highly productive manufacture of classical stamped and formed parts

  • Full tool compatibility with MRP machines (UB2, UB2B, UB3, UB3B, UB4, UB4B)
  • Significant increase in output
  • Easier and faster machine set-up
  • Minimum tooling time
  • Rapid response to short-term customer requests
  • Maximum process safety and product quality
  • Stroke rate Variable drive control up to max. 300 1/min.
  • Press Nominal stamping capacity 200 kN, stroke 12 mm
  • Servo units Max. nominal forming capacity 31 kN, max. stroke 100 mm
  • Feed length Servo feed: Any feed length
  • Material Max. strip thickness: 4 mm, max. strip width 40 mm, max. wire Ø 4 mm (depending on material and process)
  • Dimensions Width 2,600 mm x depth 1,900 mm x height 2,650 mm
  • Weight Approx. 4,500 kg (without tooling)