Medical Device Manufacturing Solutions

Medical Device Manufacturing Solutions

In a hospital, doctor’s office or urgent care center, every tool is vital. Providers rely on manufacturers to deliver a consistent supply of precise, reliable equipment to provide safe and effective medical care. 

The Bihler Group of Companies develops standard systems that we can tailor to produce specific components for medical devices. As the medical and pharmaceutical industries develop, medical device manufacturers must prepare to innovate new solutions for developing procedures and protocols at a moment’s notice. We supply companies like yours with cutting-edge solutions focused on safety, precision and efficiency.


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medical components manufactured on bihler equipment

Experience the Automation of the Future

Bihler systems cover every part of the manufacturing process your team needs, including stamping, forming, production and assembly. Optional modules offer further versatility, and you can integrate them into your current system or create an entirely new process. We take ease of use seriously, helping your workforce increase productivity levels while maintaining consistent quality.

Any of our offerings can manufacture even the smallest of your needs. For example, take the self-activating safety clip, formed to exact specifications on the RM 40K stamping and forming machine. The RM 40K system can output these protective clips at a rate of up to 350 parts per minute. Each time a medical provider performs an injection using a hollow needle, the clip prevents the person from accidentally puncturing themselves or anyone else.

Medical Device Manufacturing Automation Capabilities

Forming components like the self-activating safety clip requires precise adherence to equipment standards. Our stamping and forming machines offer industry-leading accuracy, resulting in parts measured to your exact specifications every time, even when producing hundreds of products at a time. Some of the largest medical manufacturers in the world have utilized our stamping, pressing and assembly machines to produce:

  • Device storage and protectors
  • Clamps
  • Retractors
  • Forceps
  • Hypoallergenic implants, like pacemakers

Medical Device Manufacturing Consulting

Even medical equipment manufacturing professionals often face a steep learning curve when working with new systems and machines. If your facility has worked with our innovative systems for a while, your process may not include some of our most valuable features. Whatever your situation, a consultation with Bihler’s experts can help you utilize your tools to their full extent.

During your consultation, our team will discuss the medical devices you produce and how we can tailor our standard equipment to make your manufacturing process more efficient. The more efficiently our machines work, the more components you can manufacture to all relevant medical device standards and regulations. Your consultation is the first step in creating safer and more profitable operations.

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From new machines to expedite output to modular additions that personalize your operations, Bihler develops the medical device manufacturing solutions you require. Our consultations will help your team hone the skills they need to maximize your manufacturing company’s efficiency and profitability. Learn more about our machines and how our installation process works by contacting us today. We’ll answer every question and prepare you to step into the modern era of manufacturing.

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