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New Prospects in The Manufacturing of Assemblies

The unique combination of servo press and BIMERIC solution platform gives you unbeatable advantages in the manufacturing of assemblies with progressive equipment. The stamped and formed parts pre-produced in the press are now further processed on the BIMERIC directly on the carrier strip and then assembled to finished assemblies. The BIMERIC platform provides plenty of room for different processes such as contact welding, tapping, screw joining and assembling.

This continuous component handling streamlines and simplifies your process chain, and ensures you achieve a consistently high product quality and save on logistics costs as well as on downstream machinery. The optimum accessibility to all stations and the latest control technology simplify adjustment and set-up work significantly. Cover a variety of assemblies with minimal setup effort efficiently on the BIMERIC SP, even in small batches.

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Machine Details

Combination of servo press and BIMERIC platform for highly efficient manufacture with progressive tools

  • Continuous component handling: immediate further processing of the stamped and formed parts prefabricated in the press into ready-to-install assemblies on the BIMERIC platform
  • Ample space on the BIMERIC platform for processes outsourced from the press, such as contact welding, thread forming, screw joining, assembly, etc.
  • Streamlining and simplification of the process chain
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Savings on downstream equipment and logistics costs
  • Optimum accessibility to all stations for fast set-up times (with a high number of variants, small quantities)
  • One central VariControl for all processes
  • Stroke rate Variable drive control up to max. 250 1/min.
  • Press Nominal stamping capacity 500 kN, stroke 15 – 63 mm, with SP 500
  • Servo units Max. nominal forming capacity 40 kN, max. stroke 120 mm
  • Feed length Servo feed: Any feed length
  • Material Max. strip thickness: 4 mm, max. strip width 250 mm, max. wire Ø 4 mm (depending on material and process)
  • Dimensions Depending on type
  • Weight Depending on type