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More Power and Free Space for New Perspectives

The powerful COMBITEC forming center introduces new perspectives for your production. With extremely high stamping forces and superior production speeds, the CC 1 is perfectly designed for the highly efficient production of long, bulky components and assemblies. With its arrangement of the spacious 800 kN press next to the work plate, the COMBITEC provides you with plenty of space for stamping, forming and assembly processes as well as for the integration of additional value-added technologies. Setup times are reduced to a minimum with the rapid tool clamping system. The VariControl machine and process control system ensures the safe and comfortable control of your manufacturing system.

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Machine Details

Powerful machining system for mass production of longer and larger-sized stamped and formed parts as well as sub-assemblies

  • High production speeds of up to 200 1/min.
  • NC feed units available for long feed lengths
  • Strong 800 kN eccentric press arranged beside the work plate
  • Extended press space for larger cutting tools
  • Entire work plate available for additional processing steps (contact welding, tapping, inserting screws etc.)
  • Large aperture in face plate to allow for several central mandrels
  • Short changeover times with rapid tool clamping system
  • Easy and secure operation with VariControl VC 1
  • Stroke rate Variable drive control from 5 to max. 200 1/min.
  • Press Nominal stamping capacity 800 kN, stroke 30 mm
  • Slide units Max. nominal forming capacity 160 kN, max. stroke 140 mm
  • Feed length NC gripper feed: max. 500 mm, NC roller feed: any feed length
  • Material Max. strip thickness: 10 mm, max. strip width 160 mm, max. wire Ø 10 mm
  • Dimensions Width 4,200 mm x depth 1,900 mm x height 2,600 mm
  • Weight Approx. 12,000 kg (depending on units and tooling)