Automated Fastening Manufacturing Solutions

Bihler of America produces manufacturing machines that fasten screws, bolts and rivets. Our technology boosts fastening speed and accuracy when manufacturing components for automotive parts, electrical components, industrial machinery, electric vehicles and medical equipment. Each machine has automation capabilities you can program through its VariControl VC 1 console. Request a quote for automated fastening solutions from Bihler today. 

Automated Fastening Equipment for Manufacturing Applications

Your customers trust you to deliver sturdy equipment. Fastening components tightly ensure any machine’s durability. Our automated riveting solutions bind parts together quickly and reliably, helping you earn trust through steadfast manufacturing. 

Bihler fastening equipment expedites screw, rivet and bolt insertion through servomotor-powered machinery. Our machines complete up to 180 connections per minute. Choose the optimal type of screw and thread for the application, and allow the fastening machine to complete the task. 

Each Bihler fastening machine completes all relevant processes, including feeding, separating, positioning and inserting screws. You can also program the device for two-side fastening, hole cleaning and sealant application. Select models offer spring coiling capabilities. Use the VariControl VC 1 interface to specify the function, torque and speed. 

Bihler MSE 2

The Bihler MSE 2 series is a line of premier automated fastening machines for mass production. Each device offers high cycle rates to help your business manage projects of any size. The compact frame makes it possible to fit an MSE 2 unit or multiple units into any assembly line. MSE 2 machines are compatible with many standard screws and threads up to M8. A rapid changeover system enables fast retooling between screws. 

MSE 2 units offer unique automation capabilities through a VariControl VC 1 console. Access acute programming for details like screw depth, rotation angle and pitch. Set the torque anywhere from 0.1 to 2 newton meters (nm) to achieve the ideal clamp force for the application.

The MSE 2 line has two editions — standalone and sub-system. The standalone MSE unit completes 140 fastenings per minute, while the sub-system completes 180 fastenings per minute. Each unit offers a feed speed of 424 millimeters per second and a 50-millimeter stroke. 

Benefits of Automating Fastening Processes 

Automated screw fastening machines offer numerous advantages in manufacturing settings. Implement a Bihler device for: 

  • Speed and efficiency: Achieve higher output during fastening and preparation tasks while reducing labor expenses. 
  • Productivity: Delegate time-consuming fastening tasks to an automated machine so your staff can focus on high-value manufacturing activities. 
  • Worker safety: Reduce strain and injury by relieving employees of repetitive fastening tasks. 
  • Mass production: Increase production by using a fastening machine offering cycle rates of up to 180 per minute. 
  • Precision: Program the optimal torque, depth and pitch for the bolted joints you need to form.

Request a Quote From Bihler of America 

As America’s Bihler distributor, we deliver dependable manufacturing solutions to businesses nationwide. Bihler fastening machines feature stellar German engineering and manufacturing to boost productivity and efficiency. Work with us for standard equipment that we can tailor to your business’s needs. Our associates have experience optimizing automated fastening machines for various industries and can determine the best way to apply the equipment at your facility. 

For more on our automated fastening machinery for your industry, please contact Bihler of America today! 

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