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Highest Productivity and Precision in Bush Manufacturing

The newly developed Bihler bushing machine RM 40B is a high-performance wonder. Where other bushing machines reach their boundaries, it gathers momentum! Four hundred bushes per minute are no problem whatsoever for this machine. Day for day and in excellent quality.

Perfectly designed for the manufacture of cylindrical, straight and flanged bushes the compact RM 40B convinces not only through its high level of productivity and standardization but also – and primarily – through extremely short re-tooling times. The innovative Bihler rapid-change tooling system with hydraulic quick-lock fasteners to be activated via switch makes it possible. On this machine tool changes are child’s play! And the machine offers other decisive advantages such as extremely low costs of active tool components thanks to customer in-house production, identical outer geometry of bending punches and cams, and excellent machine stability and availability. In conjunction with the comprehensive Bihler service bundle the RM 40B is an extremely cost-effective investment in the future.

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Machine Details

Standardized, powerful machine system for mass production of straight bushes and flanged bushes

  • Standardized tooling concept (basic tooling, 2 sets of tooling fixtures, active tooling parts)
  • High production speeds up to 400 1/min.
  • Very short tooling change-over times
  • Perfectly designed for international use (only active parts have to be dispatched)
  • Cost-effective all-in-one package
  • Easy and secure operation with VariControl VC 1E
  • Stroke rate Max. 400 1/min. (cylindrical, straight bushes), Max. 250 1/min. (flanged bushes, collar bushes)
  • Press Nominal stamping capacity 70 kN, stroke 12 mm
  • Slide units Nominal forming capacity 30 kN, stroke 25 mm
  • Bushing inner diameter 6 mm – 18 mm
  • Bushing length Max. 40 mm
  • Material Strip thickness max. 1.5 mm, strip width max. 40 mm (depending on material and process)
  • Dimensions Width 2,020 mm x depth 1,330 mm x height 2,030 mm