Automated Thread Tapping and Forming Manufacturing Solutions

Bihler of America carries thread forming machines for manufacturers of automotive equipment, electronic components, electric vehicles, industrial equipment and medical technology. Our thread cutting machines are fast, efficient and precise. We’ll equip you with an automatic thread tapping solution you can tailor to your needs — start by requesting a quote today. 

Bihler Thread Forming Machines 

Thread tapping is a delicate process. Producing the right size takes precision and care, and tapping threads manually takes time. You can ensure accuracy and save time by implementing an automated thread forming solution. 

Bihler thread forming machines are powerful devices that automate the process. Our machines use powerful servo motors and compressed air to rotate a tapping tool with enough torque to quickly cut threads into a substrate. The machines are compatible with tools for metric and imperial fasteners ranging from M2 to M20 in diameter. 

Bihler automatic thread tapping solutions enhance productivity through automation technology. The VariControl VC 1 console enables precise programming for torque, form, size and speed. You can program a thread forming process that threads up to 260 holes per minute. 

GSE K and KS Thread Forming Machines 

At Bihler of America, we offer two lines of thread forming machines — GSE K and GSE KS. The GSE K machine features a flat design compatible with presses and ideal for low tool installation heights. The GSE KS line features narrow machines that conform to crowded manufacturing environments. Each version includes water cooling systems, central lubrication systems, programmable speeds and rapid retooling systems. You can use either option horizontally or vertically. 

Choose the GSE K or GSE KS model offering the thread diameter range you need: 

  • K1: M2-M6
  • K2: M5-M12
  • K3: M10-M20
  • KS1: M2-M6
  • KS2: M5-M10

Advantages of Automated Thread Forming 

An automated thread forming machine is the optimal choice when mass-producing automotive components, electrical equipment, medical technology and industrial machinery. Use a Bihler solution to:

  • Increase production speed: Bihler devices cut thousands of threads each minute with few mistakes, helping you complete projects faster. 
  • Cut precise threads: Powerful components and acute programmability lead to fine control over thread pitch and depth. 
  • Replicate threads accurately: Automation reduces human error for maximum accuracy each cycle. 
  • Reduce production costs: Automating processes like thread tapping frees your workforce to embrace demanding tasks.
  • Maximize uptime: Bihler automation systems feature sensors that indicate regular and emergency maintenance needs, preventing unexpected downtime. 

Why Bihler? 

Bihler of America is your source for premier manufacturing machinery. Our threading devices feature reliable German manufacturing and innovative engineering backed by American service and support. We offer various models with distinct threading capabilities. Our staff will help you understand and implement the automated threading solutions available to your business, then offer post-purchase services that maximize your return on investment. 

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Bihler is a premier thread cutting machine manufacturer developing solutions for businesses producing intricate, rugged equipment. A Bihler automated thread forming machine will increase production speed while ensuring the consistent quality your customers expect. For more information on our automated thread tapping equipment or to request a quote, contact us online today! 

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