Manufacturing Consulting Services

Manufacturing Consulting Services

Specialized manufacturing equipment lets you produce components to specification, even in large volumes and at high speeds. However, your team must know how to utilize these systems to maximize your return on investment. The Bihler Group of Companies pairs high-performing, user-friendly manufacturing equipment with consulting services that enhance productivity and extend system longevity, helping you cut costs and exceed customer expectations. 

Our manufacturing automation consulting services benefit companies in every industry, including our partners working in: 

  • Automotives
  • Electronics
  • Medical devices
  • E-mobility
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Custom item manufacturing


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Our Consultation Specialties

During a control systems consultation, we’ll ask you to take us through the course of your projects so we can help you develop tailored programming solutions for your system. You’ll learn to implement programming tasks suited to your manufacturing process and develop the knowledge necessary to change the equipment’s settings via modules that expand the system’s capabilities.

As you implement the Bihler system in your operations, you’ll need to find purpose-built tools to fit your production process or adapt existing options. We can provide recommendations for leveraging our technology, set up existing tool configurations and develop new ones for other tasks.

Syncing your machines and tools reduces production times. During your consultation, we can guide you through several processes to maximize your equipment’s performance and longevity: 

  • Cutting tool optimization: Our consultants can identify places for improvement in your current cutting processes. We can set measurable objectives and implement optimization measures to help your cutting tools meet those benchmarks for increased profitability.
  • LEANTOOL setup and implementation: Our experts’ experience with LEANTOOL technology ensures your machines can leverage its benefits. We can assist you through the setup process to verify that this tool technology is configured for your needs.
  • Manufacturing optimization: This on-site consultation allows a team member to examine your facility’s existing manufacturing processes. We will recommend improvements related to machine and tool settings and implement those approved suggestions if possible.
  • Tool adaptation: Move from your original system to Bihler with ease. Our team will help you adapt everything you can to your new system.

Our consultants can apply the information you provide about your manufacturing process to devise and implement welding application that suits your production tasks. We have extensive experience developing resistance welding applications applied to various industries, and our solutions can enhance performance across current and future welding tasks.

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Enhance your Bihler system, increase productivity and enhance your production process through our manufacturing automation consulting services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our consultation experts.

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