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New Perspectives for Your Production

Increase the quality of your precision parts, lower your unit costs and produce even more efficiently overall.
With the versatile RM Series stamping and forming machines you open up new perspectives for the production of your stamped and formed parts. The RM 40KS and the RM 40P show their strengths especially with thin, high-strength steels.

The open design of the machines enables you to easily integrate a wide variety of process steps. The excellent accessibility to all processing stations ensures easy retrofitting and maintenance operations. Equipped with the latest control technology, the RM machines convince with maximum machine availability and maximum process reliability.

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Machine Details

Compact, powerful machine system for mass production of small stamped and formed precision parts

  • High production speeds up to 350 1/min.
  • Perfectly designed for radial and linear tooling concepts
  • Rigid 90 kN two-point eccentric press for precise cuttings
  • Large center aperture in the work-plate for flexible central mandrel movements
  • Rapid tool-exchange system for shortest changeover time
  • User friendly VC 1E control with 15” touch screen

Production of “Winding elements”

  • Stroke rate Steplessly from 5 to max. 350 1/min
  • Press Nominal stamping force 90 kN, stroke 12 mm
  • Slide units Nominal bending force max. 60 mm, stroke max. 40 mm
  • Feed length Mech. feed: max. 240 mm, with feed time reduction, servo feed: any
  • Material Strip thickness max. 4 mm, strip width max. 60 mm, wire Ø max. 4 mm (depending on material and process)
  • Dimensions Width 2.020 mm x depth 1.330 mm x height 2.030 mm
  • Weight Approx. 2.000 kg (without tooling)