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Creating Brighter Careers Today, For Manufacturing Tomorrow.

Beginning in 2013, the Bihler of America Apprenticeship Program is one of only two accredited programs in New Jersey, and has already seen some of the brightest and most capable young people learn the skills they need for a long and fulfilling career. Bihler reviews résumés from community high schools and vocational programs within driving distance of the facility and selects up to four candidates per year to engage in the program. Typically, these young people serve in an internship through the fall and spring of their senior year, then move into the apprenticeship program if qualified and they demonstrate the required skills and character traits.

  • Extensive hands-on training that builds real-world experience
  • The potential for a long-term rewarding career
  • The possibility of upward mobility within the Bihler of America structure without the requirement of a standard university degree

As an accredited New Jersey Department Of Labor program, Bihler provides four years or 8000 hours of training including 576 hours of related theoretical instruction via enrollment at a local community college. Topics and experiences include all facets of Bihler manufacturing operations, including milling, grinding, turning, stamping, etc. The students are presented with the program syllabus, and instructed by the apprenticeship manager Gary Slawic and other seasoned employees within the company.


Gary Slawik is the Bihler of America Apprenticeship Program Instructor. He has decades of experience teaching machine, manufacturing, and tooling technology. Gary is a large part of the success of this program, spending his time during the day instructing on the shop floor, teaching our program participants everything they need to know to be successful in this career. Before joining Bihler, Gary taught in New Jersey public schools, including CIT. Gary also serves on a variety of advisory counsels and travels to area schools to discuss the program as well as all that Bihler has to offer.

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