Custom Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Custom Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Advanced technology can complete manufacturing tasks where repeatable, precise results are essential. Automated manufacturing solutions utilize your specifications to produce consistent components within tight tolerances. 

The Bihler Group of Companies has partnered with incredible manufacturers who lead their industries in:

  • Automotives
  • E-mobility
  • Medical technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Household technology

We support innovation, efficiency and profitability for each of our partners, which is why we strive to create the most effective tools for your manufacturing needs. We can tailor our standard turnkey manufacturing automation equipment to equip them with the capabilities you need for specific production tasks.


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Why Opt for Turnkey Manufacturing Automation?

As automation becomes more common and affordable in manufacturing, more brands have turned to Bihler to:

  • Reduce labor costs: An automated manufacturing space requires less manual work. You can save on labor costs while enhancing employees’ workflow by eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing human error.
  • Enhance on-site safety: Automated machines can take over the most challenging and dangerous parts of the manufacturing process, reducing your team’s risk of injury and your company’s liability. This change also frees their time for other tasks, such as applying fine details or fulfilling other parts of an order.
  • Increase output potential: Bihler systems never sacrifice precision for speed. Still, many of our machines can output upwards of 300 parts per minute. Setup, replacements and tool changes only take minutes, allowing you to maximize every second your machine is online.
  • Minimize waste: Utilizing more of your raw materials means less financial waste, which improves your profit margins. Bihler systems are designed to save some of the material usually lost during linear and radial production.

Getting Started With Automated Manufacturing Solutions

From agricultural resourcing to mining operations to medical technology, nearly every industry can find a use for custom manufacturing. The more specific your products, the better they can fulfill your clients’ needs. The first step toward developing a well-automated process is identifying the areas that would best benefit from enhanced manufacturing practices. Bihler systems are commonly utilized during these processes:

  • Cutting and stamping materials
  • Product assembly and sorting
  • Machine tending and monitoring
  • Finishing processes, including end-of-line verification

Our systems and optional modules are built with standard designs for compatibility with your existing operations. These solutions can also serve as a base for your new setup. Programmable modules allow you to change the equipment’s settings for specific tasks and further optimize manufacturing processes. These machines can produce even the most precise components, including dental molds, aerospace components and architectural elements.

Bihler’s Servo Automation System

Bihler’s automation solutions optimize and advance production capabilities through flexible combinations of high-performance servo-driven processing modules. Industries around the world utilize custom manufacturing automation. From automotive construction to lab equipment design, businesses everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using automated systems. Whatever your industry, Bihler’s servo modules are capable of several practical applications, including:

  • Contact Welding: Using contact welding devices D, Q, and servo control. Weld semi-finished products in round, profile, sheet and square plates.
  • Thread Forming: The thread-former unit GSE K/KS is highly efficient, able to form and cut threads at a rate of 260 threads per minute.
  • Joining Screws: Unit MSE 2 can insert screws at a rate of 180 connections per minute. With its modular design, you can also program this unit to separate and position along with insertion.

Take advantage of the growing popularity of these systems and include them in your company’s production processes. Bihler servo modules offer maximum reliability, recording of measurement values, sensors and monitoring functions integrated into every process.

Individual servo process modules include material feeding, stamping, forming, rolling, welding, tapping, thread forming, screw insertion and assembly. These modules ensure your production line delivers precisely what you need for specific operations.

Flexible Tooling Integration for Every Manufacturing Application

The programmable software allows for easy implementation of multi-directional movements for forming processes. Our all-in-one manufacturing system offers beneficial advantages to simplify production and reduce cost over standard sequential production processes.

With custom automation, our machines are fitted with tooling to achieve the exact specifications required to create your product. When you make the initial investment into Bihler technology, you’ll see ROI results almost immediately. We also provide in-house support services, so you can be sure that your machines are maintained and serviced regularly.

Bihler’s servo processing modules offer high-performance, customizable solutions for production, assembly and processing tasks. The user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) enables process optimization through the intuitive input screens and quick parameterization of servo process modules.

The use of HMI provides another significant benefit to custom automation — safety. Mechanical machines can perform tasks and prevent human errors that might otherwise lead to safety problems throughout the assembly process. Custom machine automation is also helpful in reducing downtime and increasing production capacity.

Explore Our Assembly Automation Solutions

Bihler’s innovative technology has revolutionized custom manufacturing capabilities in many industries, equipping our partners with advanced automation capabilities. We achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best in manufacturing technology and offering comprehensive consultations and on-site support.

Whether your operations are small or you are a large manufacturer scaling with demand, automated manufacturing can help you ensure precision and efficiency. Let us show you why Bihler is the best source for turnkey custom manufacturing automation equipment. Contact one of our technicians today to learn more or request your consultation.

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