Custom Automation Solutions

Custom Automation Solutions

The Bihler Group of Companies provides custom automation solutions to meet any machine requirements or manufacturing specifications. Custom automation is a way to optimize industrial processes while delivering higher quality in production. Our solutions have also been shown to produce a higher yield at a lower manufacturing cost.

Our team of experienced automation experts creates tailored solutions for your most demanding manufacturing, assembly, or packaging challenge. Bihler’s visionary production solutions enable clients to deliver cost-effective products worldwide. Reach out to Bihler today to enhance production capabilities.

Servo Automation System

Bihler’s automation solutions optimize and advance production capabilities through flexible combinations of high-performance servo-driven processing modules. Industries around the world utilize custom manufacturing automation. From automotive construction to lab equipment design, businesses everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using automated systems. Whatever your industry, Bihler’s servo modules are capable of several practical applications, including:

  • Contact Welding: Using contact welding devices D, Q, and servo control. Weld semi-finished products in round, profile, sheet and square plates.
  • Thread Forming: The thread-former unit GSE K/KS is highly efficient, able to form and cut threads at a rate of 260 threads per minute.
  • Joining Screws: Unit MSE 2 can insert screws at a rate of 180 connections per minute. With its modular design, you can also program this unit to separate and position along with insertion.

Take advantage of the growing popularity of these systems and include them in your company’s production processes. Bihler servo modules offer maximum reliability, recording of measurement values, sensors and monitoring functions integrated into every process. Individual servo process modules include material feeding, stamping, forming, rolling, welding, tapping, thread forming, screw insertion and assembly. These modules ensure your production line delivers precisely what you need for specific operations.

Flexible Integration for Every Application

The programmable software allows for easy implementation of multi-directional movements for forming processes. Our all-in-one manufacturing system offers beneficial advantages to simplify production and reduce cost over standard sequential production processes.

With custom automation, our machines are fitted with tooling to achieve the exact specifications required to create your product. When you make the initial investment into Bihler technology, you’ll see ROI results almost immediately. We also provide in-house support services, so you can be sure that your machines are maintained and serviced regularly.

Bihler’s servo processing modules offer high-performance, customizable solutions for production, assembly and processing tasks. The user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) enables process optimization through the intuitive input screens and quick parameterization of servo process modules.

The use of HMI provides another significant benefit to custom automation — safety. Mechanical machines can perform tasks and prevent human errors that might otherwise lead to safety problems throughout the assembly process. Custom machine automation is also helpful in reducing downtime and increasing production capacity.

Work With Bihler Today

Through the development of custom machine automation solutions, we support our industrial partners in streamlining their production, improving overall product quality and enhancing worker safety. We want to help you do the same. Whatever industry your company services, custom automation can provide you with safer, more flexible production. If you’re looking for a custom automation solution that will increase your company’s productivity and efficiency, all while lowering your operational costs, contact Bihler of America today.

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