Machine & Control Retrofit


Fast and affordable

Upgrade your existing Bihler machines for new tasks. With the cost-effective BC R Retrofit package, this can now be done quickly and easily in three steps:

– We deliver the required machine components to
  your site.
– Service technicians will then retrofit your machine
  and install the BC R control system.
– Commissioning and approval.

The advantages of doing the retrofit: The machine is up to date, with full spare parts support, and as an option, network-capability for the digital age. Additional features, such as straightforward operation of the control system, monitoring functions, and manual operations, will make your machine even more productive.

Time required for the entire process: approximately one week!

  • Cost-effective and fast realization
  • Conversion time approximately 1 week
  • Conversion takes place at your site
  • Customized range of functions for continuous operation
  • Latest safety standards for machines and personnel
  • Higher machine availability and guaranteed spare parts support

To ensure you benefit from all advantages of the BC R control system, the machine must be equipped with various new features. These are included in the basic package. In addition, you can select further optional new features. Overview of the most important machine components:

Basic package

– Bihler Control Retrofit (BC R) process control system with 12“ touch display
– Control cabinet and basic electrical equipment with 4 door switches
– Conversion kit main drive with accessories and guard plates
– Rotary encoder with mounting flange
– Two-channel press safety valve for safe control of the pneumatic clutch
– Lubrication point sensor for monitoring bull gear lubrication
– Electronic handwheel with hand terminal HT 1
– Machine and tool control system
– Standard interface for reel (400 V, emergency stop)



– Modernization of central lubrication and/or pneumatics
– Hydraulic conversion kit (Maximator) (if installed)
– Clutch NEW
– Roller chain NEW (if installed)
– Valve bank (with eight 5/3 way valves) to control cylinders
– End-of-material shutdown
– Second lubrication circuit
– Extension 400 V for second reel or other additional unit
– Extension 230 V (socket in control cabinet and at the machine)
– Remote service
– Interface for conveyor and/or industrial extractor
– Additional door switch (e.g. for maintenance flap)
– Adapter loop line
– Individual cable installation / longer cables
– Conversion to LED lighting
– Conversion set to push-button door switch (only for Bihler soundproof cabins)
– Signal lamp (double RGB with 4 states)


Available for

– RM Series: RM-30 / RM-35 / RM-40
– GRM Series: GRM-50 / GRM-80 / GRM-100
– MACH Series: MACH-1 / MACH-1/7 / MACH-05