Contact, Strip & Laser Welding

Perfect Integration of Resistance Welding Processes

For 50 years, we have been integrating welding processes in fully automated solutions. We have delivered thousands of welding controls and welding units in this period. Our experts have completed well over 7,000 feasibility studies for customers all over the world.

Our strengths are in the areas of:

  • resistance butt welding, mash seam welding,
  • projection welding, contact welding, precious metal welding,
  • compacting strands, nut welding and soldering.

Contact welding, in particular, is of immense importance. Components with welded contacts for industrial switching technology can be manufactured efficiently with Bihler contact welding units and controls – at extremely high speeds, with consistent high quality and maximum process reliability. In the field of laser welding, we rely on the top quality of our technology partner TRUMPF.


Clean, Precise Stripping of Enamel on Wires

Wires with insulation layer are used for current-carrying conductors such as coils or tight-fitting windings. To apply voltage, the wire ends must be stripped before winding or forming. This process can be performed efficiently on Bihler systems.

For example, in the production of hairpins for electric motors. The automatic stripping and simultaneous chamfering of the two ends of the enameled copper wire are performed mechanically on the BM-HP 3000 servo production system.

High-Speed Labeling of Components

A laser integrated in the production process allows for labeling of components. In the field of laser marking, Bihler relies on leading technology by TRUMPF.