Flexible Manufacturing Systems for Maximum Forming Capacity

New applications are calling for new ideas. They require machine concepts which can flexibly be adapted to new manufacturing strategies in order to cope with ever more extensive and varying applications to be handled. This prerequisite is complied with the powerful processing centers BZ 1 and BZ 2 which cover all of the possibilities of BIHLER multi-technology.

The compact machine systems are used for combined punching, bending, welding, assembling, tapping, screw insertion, etc. Even metal-cutting operations can be integrated into the production processes. The machine concept encompasses two independent processing planes arranged parallel to each other, which can either be used separately or jointly for the production of larger-sized parts and assemblies. The BZ are suited to implement radial as well as linear tooling solutions. The multi-axis VariControl VC 1 guarantees easy handling and maximum process safety.

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Machine Details

Powerful, flexibly applicable manufacturing systems for higher forming capacities and larger-sized strip dimensions

  • Perfect adaptation for individual customer solutions following the module design principle
  • High production speeds up to 150 1/min.
  • Open machine concept guarantees easy access for rapid and easy tool changeover and tool maintenance
  • Easy integration of all Bihler key technologies (welding, tapping, screw insertion etc.)
  • Easy and secure operation with VariControl VC 1
  • Stroke rate Variable drive control from 5 to max. 150 1/min.
  • Press Nominal stamping capacity 300 kN, stroke 16 mm (stronger presses on request)
  • Slide units Max. nominal forming capacity 120 kN, max. stroke 95 mm
  • Feed length Mech. feed: max. 500 mm, with feed cycle reduction, servo feed: any feed length (as option)
  • Material Max. strip thickness: 10 mm, max. strip width 160 mm, max. wire Ø 10 mm
  • Dimensions Width 3,130 mm x depth 2,100 mm x height 3,100 mm (with protection unit)
  • Weight Approx. 16,000 kg (without units and tooling)