Automated Precision Metal Forming Solutions

Resistance welding is cost-effective, but ensuring proper alignment and a strong bond requires precision. If your business utilizes worker-operated resistance welding processes, your employees must take time to achieve the necessary accuracy and quality while operating within the various OSHA regulations that ensure worker safety. You can increase efficiency and safety by automating resistance welding jobs at your facility. 

At Bihler of America, we provide automated resistance welding machines for equipment manufacturers across industries. Browse our selection to outfit your facility with dependable automated resistance welding equipment. 

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Automated Machines for Metal Forming Applications 

Automated metal forming tools empower manufacturers to work faster and smarter. At Bihler, we produce various types of metal forming machines, each compatible with our VariControl VC 1 programmable console. Our experts can help you find, tailor and utilize the right metal forming machine for your manufacturing process. Options include: 

  • Servo stamping and forming machines: Choose an automated machine with a servo motor that facilitates acute control over all roll forming and stamping functions. 
  • Servo presses: Choose a servo motor-powered metal forming machine that presses sheet metal into the size and shape programmed through its automation interface. 
  • Stamping and forming machines: Produce various stamped and formed parts with an automated machine that matches your ideal production speed. 
  • Multicenters: Outfit your facility with a multifunctional machine system capable of automating numerous metal processing techniques such as tapping, screw insertion, stamping and forming. 

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Benefits of Automated Precision Metal Forming Equipment

Manufacturing companies strive to improve production efficiency while maintaining the consistent quality that customers expect. Automated metal forming machines from Bihler offer numerous advantages to help you achieve your goals: 

    • Precision: Automation allows manufacturers to form and replicate detailed metal components according to exact specifications.
    • Efficiency: Automated machines work fast and require minimal downtime, resulting in high production efficiency when manufacturing at any scale. 
    • Accuracy: Automating metal forming processes eliminates human error, thereby reducing the frequency of mistakes, preventing waste and unlocking enhanced control over intricate details. 
    • Savings: Manufacturers that automate demanding metal forming processes save by reducing mistakes and downtime while allocating labor to tasks that require closer attention from human workers. 
    • Support: When you choose automated precision metal forming equipment from Bihler, our representatives will help you set up and optimize your machine at any point during its life span. 

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Your business can manufacture intricate components with increased speed, precision and accuracy when utilizing an automated metal forming machine from Bihler of America. We encourage you to contact us online to learn more about our machines or request a quote. 

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