Efficient Operation

The servo production and assembly system BIMERIC Modular is the ideal solution platform for your efficient component and assembly production. The servo machine impresses with its standardized machine and tooling technology for significant cost savings, very short time-to-market and particularly short setup times.

High-performance flow production from the starting material to ready-to-install assemblies enables you to achieve the highest manufacturing quality. State-of-the-art control technology guarantees simple operation and consistently high process reliability. Thanks to its flexible scalability, you can also adapt the BIMERIC Modular to your tasks at any time.

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Machine Details

Modular, standardized servo production and assembly system for highly efficient component and assembly production

  • Standardized, pre-mounted process modules for feeding, stamping and forming (designed for 80 mm strip width)
  • PLUS-empty locations for further processing modules and individual units
  • Full compatibility with LEANTOOL linear system:    
    up to 70 % standard tool parts
  • Very fast and 100% reproducible setup of tool modules
  • Perfectly designed for small and medium batch sizes and large variant diversity
  • Flexibly scalable for future tasks
  • Stroke rate Variable drive control up to max. 250 1/min.
  • Press Max. nominal stamping capacity 400 kN
  • Servo units Max. nominal forming capacity 31 kN
  • Feed length Servo feed: Any feed length
  • Material Max. strip thickness: 4 mm, max. strip width 80 mm, max. wire Ø 4 mm (depending on material and process)
  • Dimensions Depending on type
  • Weight Depending on type

Standardized Process Modules


  • Pre-mounted 400-kN screw press
  • High cycle rates of up to 250/min.
  • Designed for standardized Meusburger cutting frames SBP and SBH 400
  • Module length: 750 mm



  • Pre-mounted material feeding system RZV 2.1 for slip-free, precise feeding and positioning of strip and wire material
  • Optional units: strip guards, strip oilers, straighteners, standardized
    strip guiding blanks
  • Module length: 2,000 mm


  • Pre-mounted slide unit pairs with LEANTOOL-L250 interfaces for very short tool setup times
  • Rapid (max. 250/min.), precise execution of tool movements
  • Variably scalable and subsequently expandable
  • Module length: number of slide unit pairs x 250 mm