Electrical Manufacturing Solutions

Electrical Manufacturing Solutions

Electrical manufacturing is a precise, focus-heavy job that requires the best employees and equipment. When your customers invest in your products, they expect them to be safe, functional and exact. The Bihler Group of Companies helps you deliver consistent quality through our electrical fabrication manufacturing equipment.

Our systems offer custom manufacturing solutions for metal forming, stamping and other operations in your electrical plant. Manufacture even the smallest and most complex parts with ease while improving efficiency and safety simultaneously.


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electrical components manufactured on bihler equipment

Producing Components Designed for Safety 

Even the most careful electricians face challenging situations. An old wire or faulty mechanism can make or break an entire electrical system, and when not handled properly, they can pose dangers for anyone within the vicinity. 

Workers in the electrical industry depend on manufacturers to produce high-quality, dependable components. Bihler machines have helped construct this type of equipment for decades, giving some of the most trusted names in the industry the solutions they need to make:

Trip-Free Circuit Breakers

A breaker that short-circuits must turn off immediately to prevent widespread outages or damage. Many of our stamping and forming machines can produce reliable, trip-free mechanisms at rates over 300 parts per minute, so you can outfit every circuit with overload-protecting breakers.

Safe Electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets must be carefully constructed to work correctly and safely. Bihler electrical fabrication manufacturing equipment produces components to your exact specifications. Manufacture hundreds of sockets in minutes with more than 80 safe product varients when using Bihler machines.

Secure Grounding Parts

Grounding keeps your systems safe from overload. As the technology field makes rapid advancements, the need for high-quality grounding connectors grows with it. Bihler stamping and forming machines can produce hundreds of grounding connectors per minute. Our systems can easily output large grounding components for large commercial and industrial jobs or smaller ones for home and personal use. 

Purpose-Built Electrical Metal Forming and Stamping Equipment From Bihler

Bihler manufactures easy-to-use standard equipment and offers options that tailor those machines to specific production requirements. Our industry-leading systems meet rigorous standards for accuracy and efficiency. We understand that even the most intricate products must meet stringent standards for precision, and our electrical manufacturing equipment delivers those components to your exact specifications. 

Bihler Machine-Made Electrical Components

cross section of circuit breaker manufactured on a Bihler machine

Circuit Breakers and Components

A Bihler GRM-80P stamping and forming machine can manufacture the free-moving part of a circuit breaker at a rate of 200 parts per minute. Additional Bihler production systems can match this rate of productivity for a fully assembled circuit breaker. 

high contact coil springHigh-Current Contact Lamellae

Developed for high-current contacts in transformers, switchgear cabinets and circuit breakers, this component consists of a sprung stainless steel carrier strip with riveted lamellar bands. A Bihler production & assembly system paired with a radial gripper feed and welding system can output 100 lamellae per minute, cutting, bending, stamping, contact welding, and removing excess waste material in a single, end-to-end process.


NEMA socket

NEMA Sockets

Bihler machines have been producing components of NEMA sockets for more than three decades. Metal parts are produce on a GRM 80 stamping and forming machine and complemented by servo modules that weld, thread cut, insert screws, feed, test and mark the socket. An active assembly line can produce 120 finished and packaged sockets per minute.

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Bihler of America believes in the importance of quality electrical fabrication manufacturing equipment and well-trained staff who feel confident using those machines. Outside of offering the best electrical metal forming and stamping equipment, we also provide consultation services for our partners. 

These consultations give users access to an expert equipment team who understands our machines and how to adjust them to provide the most accurate and personalized solutions. During a consultation, we will consider your facility’s applications and develop custom codes, allowing you to further streamline your operations.

Whether your goals focus on saving money or making more of it, Bihler’s tools and experience are your solution for better results and an enhanced bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about our machines or schedule a consultation.

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