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Flexible Machine Systems for High-Speed Multiple Processing

The super-fast Multicenter “Sprint” Series provides both radial and linear forming technology on two processing faces for highly productive manufacturing solutions. The two faces may be used individually or in combination for flexible automation. The MCS Series perfectly combines speed with economy and is notable for outstanding quality and high precision in the production process.

With their superior speeds of max. 800 and 500 strokes/min. the two “sprinters” MCS 1 and MCS 05 are capable of satisfying all demands for high production capacities. The Multicenter “Sprint” may be used in many different industrial branches – from automotive, electronics, fastening technics to jewelry industry a broad part spectrum may be manufactured on these machines.

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Machine Details

High-performance machine system with two processing faces for mass production

  • Very high production speeds up to 800 1/min.
  • Maximum economic efficiency through joint radial and linear production of parts and simple sub-assemblies on one same machine
  • High performance level of all standard modules and flexible system modules
  • Highly dynamic material feeding unit for shortest feeding times
  • Large opening in the center for transverse transport from face A to face B or vice versa
  • Easy and secure operation with VariControl VC 1
  • Stroke rate Variable drive control from 5 to max. 800 1/min.
  • Press Nominal stamping capacity 70 kN, stroke 8 mm
  • Slide units Max. nominal forming capacity 30 kN, max. stroke 25 mm
  • Feed length Mech. feed: max. 70 mm (without feed cycle reduction), servo feed: any feed length
  • Material Max. strip thickness: 4 mm, max. strip width 45 mm, max. wire Ø 4 mm
  • Dimensions Width 2,480 mm x depth 2,060 mm x height 2,220 mm
  • Weight Approx. 3,000 kg (without tooling)