Automated Resistance Welding Solutions

Resistance welding is cost-effective, but ensuring proper alignment and a strong bond requires precision. If your business utilizes worker-operated resistance welding processes, your employees must take time to achieve the necessary accuracy and quality while operating within the various OSHA regulations that ensure worker safety. You can increase efficiency and safety by automating resistance welding jobs at your facility. 

At Bihler of America, we provide automated resistance welding machines for equipment manufacturers across industries. Browse our selection to outfit your facility with dependable automated resistance welding equipment. 

Bihler contact welding servo

Automated Resistance Welding Equipment From Bihler of America 

Bihler Street Welding is an automated solution for resistance welding jobs. This resistance welding machine includes the VariControl VC 1 interface for users to program the system’s performance. With the press of a button, you can set your resistance welding machine to complete complex functions at an output speed that will keep your business on schedule. 

We design our automated resistance welding machines to fuse metal when manufacturing components for various purposes: 

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Resistance Welding Capabilities 

Our resistance welding machines are capable of automating many of the techniques you utilize daily, including: 

  • Mash seam welding: Achieve strong lap joints for components containing or sealing fluids and gases. Mash seam welding applies some heat but primarily relies on pressure. 
  • Flash butt welding: Fuse metal by generating resistance heat from the materials themselves. Flash butt welding is ideal when welding thick substrates, such as pipes, chains and rails.
  • Projection welding: Join metal parts by applying pressure and an electrical current at a fusion point with maximum surface area. Projection welding is ideal for fusing fasteners to sheet metal plates or building electrical components like grilles and condensers. 

Benefits of Automating Resistance Welding Processes 

Automating your resistance welding processes with a Bihler machine will provide various benefits that increase revenue while limiting expenses: 

  • Speed: Automation expedites welding processes. We produce numerous resistance welding machines offering a wide range of welds per minute so you can choose the device that best fits your production needs. 
  • Precision: You can program your Bilhler resistance welding machine to perform the exact type of weld you need.
  • Accuracy: Automation elevates accuracy to reduce mistakes and maximize production speed. These advantages apply to even the most precise welding jobs. 
  • Integration: Our resistance welding machines feature modular designs that will accept your existing progressive dies. 
  • Safety: Resistance welding generates heat, electricity and sparks that can harm your employees. Automate resistance welding to reduce workplace incidents. 
  • Productivity: When you automate monotonous, time-consuming tasks like resistance welding, your welders can focus on the tasks that require greater care. 

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Automation unlocks a world of resistance welding advancements. At Bihler, we have decades of experience developing resistance welding technology. Our automated resistance welding equipment will empower your company to increase production while reducing overhead expenses. Browse our automated resistance welding tools online or contact Bihler of America for a quote. 

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