Automated Precision Metal Stamping Solutions

Elevate manufacturing efficiency through precision metal stamping automation. Bihler of America augments precision metal stamping presses with automation technology to help original equipment manufacturers meet and exceed performance goals. Our automated precision stamping systems expedite demanding tasks related to manufacturing automotive equipment, electronics, medical equipment, building tools and construction materials.

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High-Precision Metal Stamping Automation Systems

Bihler of America offers advanced stamping automation technology for manufacturing applications. We prioritize efficiency in development to construct stamping machines that provide optimal performance for mass production. Our high-precision metal stamping machines automate multiple functions, including embossing, stretching, bending and punching. 

Each metal stamping machine features a VariControl VC 1 servo processing module. The VariControl VC 1 process control system enables absolute precision when automating complex tasks. 

With Bihler of America, you can choose automated precision metal stamping equipment that caters to your application’s demands. Choose a Bihler system with a VariControl VC 1 module for any job, from small-batch production to large-scale manufacturing. 

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Options Available

Bihler of America offers numerous types of precision metal stamping machines with automation functionality: 

  • RM 40K: This 90-kilonewton press performs radial and linear tooling at speeds up to 350 strokes per minute. 
  • RM 40KS: A 150-kilonewton press suits a wide range of high-tensile steel applications and reaches up to 350 strokes per minute. 
  • RM 40P: A 200-kilonewton press eaches 350 strokes per minute for high-tensile steels and complete assemblies. 
  • RM 40B: A 70-kilonewton press features two tooling fixtures for bushing production at up to 400 strokes per minute. 
  • GRM 80E: A 300-kilonewton press is compatible with large parts and sub-assemblies. 
  • GRM 80P: A 400-kilonewton press for sub-assembly production at 250 strokes per minute. 
  • GRM 80P hybrid: A 400-kilonewton press combines the advantages of mechanical systems with servo technology. 
  • GRM 80B: A 50-kilonewton press completes bushing production at 220 strokes per minute. 

Benefits of Automated Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping automation offers numerous advantages in manufacturing applications: 

  • Precision and accuracy: Utilize the VariControl VC 1 module to automate the stamping process according to your application’s required technique and stroke speed. 
  • Speed and efficiency: Access premier stamping technology that matches your ideal production speed. 
  • Productivity and savings: Delegate rigorous tasks to an automated system to reduce downtime and maximize labor output when completing projects of all sizes.  
  • Simplicity and control: Engage with a user-friendly operating menu that simplifies the processes of customization and automation. 
  • Compatibility and integration: Connect your automated precision stamping system with other four-slide manufacturing equipment at your facility. 
  • Support and guidance: Collaborate with Bihler from initial system implementation through the end of your machine’s lifecycle.

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An automated precision metal stamping system from Bihler of America will improve your manufacturing facility’s output while boosting efficiency across functions. We develop several types of automated servo presses, so work with us to find and tailor the optimal model for the items you manufacture. For more information on our automated stamping technology or to request a quote, contact Bihler of America online today. 

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