E-Mobility Manufacturing Automation Solutions

E-Mobility Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Electric vehicles (EV) and e-mobility aids are quickly growing to be the most sought-after transportation on the market. To keep up with demand, you need the best in cutting-edge EV manufacturing equipment. Automated manufacturing solutions can introduce automation, bringing your production processes up to speeds you have yet to achieve.

The Bihler Group of Companies has led our industry in producing innovative technology for years, so we’re confident that our systems have the features and performance to help your company manufacture the best e-mobility solutions, including: 

  • Battery cells
  • Module connectors
  • ZSB circuits
  • HV connectors
  • Shielding sleeves


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Bihler Advantages for EV Manufacturing Equipment

At Bihler, we put our best features in every machine, letting you experience the benefits of our innovative:

  • High output rates: Depending on the nature of your products, some Bihler stamping and forming machines can reach output levels of over 300 parts per minute. Ensure your operations can keep up with the ever-growing nature of your industry by using the most efficient tools. 
  • Significant material savings: Bihler believes in efficiently using your materials while producing as little waste as possible. Our e-mobility manufacturing solutions can retain lost materials during linear and radial production to maximize material usage.
  • Standardized, all-in-one production: Invest in new Bihler equipment or choose the modules you need to integrate our technology with your existing setup. Bihler machines are fitted with up to 70% standardized parts to work with other brands and fill the gaps in your current capabilities, from stamping and cutting to assembly and finishing.
  • Short changeovers: Improved efficiency means reduced downtime. Replacing modules on Bihler systems to prepare for a new production phase only takes a few minutes, allowing you to get back to work quickly.
  • Integrated monitoring stations: Ensure production stays up to speed and delivers products of consistently high quality with our integrated monitoring systems. This feature lets you observe production from start to finish and adjust immediately to respond to issues such as an updated specification or inaccurate measurement.

E-Mobility Manufacturing Consulting

If your electric vehicle company has an unmet need, such as an automated process for forming a part, our team can tailor standard Bihler e-mobility manufacturing solutions to address component-specific requirements. Whether this machine is your first piece of Bihler equipment or you’ve been our partner for years, an e-mobility consultation with our experts can take your manufacturing capabilities to the next level.

Our consultations help you maximize your company’s immediate return on investment. Our experts can provide more information on incorporating our easy-to-use equipment into your manufacturing process and adjusting the system’s programming to change its settings. Bihler strives to help our clients find success as safely and efficiently as possible, which we achieve through consultations, training and support services. 

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Take your EV manufacturing equipment to the next level by implementing industry-leading machines from a company with decades of automation experience. Contact the Bihler team today to learn more about our equipment’s capabilities or to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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