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As your trusted surgical light and medical device supplier, BihlerMed delivers reliable, high-quality performance solutions, and versatility you can trust for your surgical equipment manufacturing operations. Partner with us for innovative, medical device solutions that meet most surgical equipment standards and regulations.

Medical Device Innovation

BihlerMED provides the products that enable surgeons and medical professionals to perform procedures more quickly, more safely and with better patient outcomes.


Medical Device Design

We believe in a comprehensive design/development process that combines the highest levels of technical engineering and R&D.


Medical Device Manufacturing

BihlerMED offers the unique advantage of dedicated in-house manufacturing facilities.


Who We Are

As a part of the Bihler Group Companies, BihlerMed is an innovative leader in LED surgical light manufacturing.  We deliver technological solutions that take full advantage of the worldwide Bihler network of knowledge and expertise.

We are proud that we provide state-of-the art services in research and development, design and engineering, and testing, for every one of our advanced medical accessory and device products.  Our trusted performance will enable you to meet the critical needs of the medical industry, and to meet the stringent requirement of every application in the field.

Our Products

We have developed two lines of surgical lighting devices, consisting of equipment and tools.  Both product lines provide critical illumination to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during medical procedures, all while providing practitioners with optimal ergonomic usability.

We offer the Scintillant line of handheld surgical lighting systems, and we offer the Surgilight illumination system, which serves as a superior alternative to surgical lamps worn on the head.

The Scintillant® Product Line

The Scintillant line offers distinct advantages in the context of most operating room procedures:

  • Scintillant Retractor:  Offering bright LED lighting attached to a low-profile flat retractor, this handheld surgical light provides high visibility during blunt tissue retraction procedures.
  • Scintillant Suction:  With bright LED lighting attached to a suction tip, this handheld surgical light is optimized for easy fluid aspiration.  Its clear anatomical design provides maximum visibility to enable users to clearly visualize anatomy, and to safely navigate obstructions during procedures.
  • Scintillant Zip-Strap:  The cutting-edge design of this handheld surgical light delivers high-visibility white light that can be combined with virtually any standard operating room instrument, simply by using the attachment straps provided.


The Surgilight® Product Line

Our Surgilight® illumination system is a highly functional alternative to headlamps for improved lighting and visibility in the operating room.  It’s also a multi-functional light that can be attached to patient bed rails to provide optimized lighting for bedside procedures as well.

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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Patented technology, and more than 10 years of experience make BihlerMed the surgical illumination leader.

At BihlerMed, we’re committed to high standards of safety and quality.  Through innovation, engineering, and exhaustive testing, we’ve developed and brought to market products such as the ergonomically advanced and extremely reliable Scintillant® Dual Tip Light.

Plus, BihlerMed is much more than just a contract manufacturer.  As your trusted partner, we’ll guide you on the journey to creating a new device, or to automating and maintaining the ongoing production of your current device.  We have the expertise and experience to assist and partner with you every step of the way, from the genesis of the strategy, through the legal and regulatory reviews, into the marketplace, and on to post-market support.

If you’re interested in learning more about our efficiency, reliability, performance, and productivity, get in touch with us online or call us at 908.329.9123 today.

What Our Surgeons Say

“I use the Scintillant Lighted Suction on every procedure. As Colon & Rectal Surgeons, we do another of operating in difficult to light areas such where fluid pools such as the anorectum, pelvis, and splenic flexure. Light is essential. If they make a suction with a light on it, why would you use anything else?”


- Dr. Marc Brozovich, MD

“Prior to find thing Scintillant retractor, we struggled with uncomfortable headlamps and cumbersome light mats. We’ve been using the Scintillant retractor during our vaginal surgeries for over a decade. It is perfect for visualization of the tubes and ovaries during oophorectomy and salpingectomy and it has been especially helpful during our uterosacral ligament suspension procedures for apical prolapse”.

- Dr. Michael Moen, MD FACOG, FACS

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