BM-HP 3000 (Hairpins)

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Efficient and Flexible Hairpin Production

Based on 30 years of experience in hairpin technology, Bihler’s complete solution opens up new perspectives in the industrial mass production of hairpins.

The BM-HP 3000 production system with standardized machining processes combines all required process steps: Starting with the highly dynamic, slip-free feeding of the wire, the precise cutting, NC-controlled mechanical stripping of the coating, simultaneous chamfering of the pin ends, 2D pre-bending and 3D die-bending, all the way to the removal and mono-component storage.

You benefit from three times higher cycle rates than with sequential systems, easy and fast variant changes “on the fly”, and consistently high production reliability.

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Machine Details

  • All-in-one production of hairpins directly from the coil from flat wire
  • Flexible, rapid change of variants “on the fly”
  • High output: 60 – 120 finished hairpins per minute (depending on material cross-section and leg length)
  • Cycle speeds are three times higher than with sequential systems
  • All common hairpin geometries can be produced
  • Predestined for industrial mass production
  • 100 percent reproduced top quality of parts
  • Additional machine and space requirements can be reduced
  • Flexibly adaptable to future tasks

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Modular Process Steps

Wire Infeed After Multilevel Straightening

The precise straightening of the enameled copper wire (1b) contributes to the highly dynamic, slip-free infeed (1b) of up to a maximum of 3.2 m/sec. The repeat accuracy achieved during this process is +/- 0.02 millimeters.

Precise Cutting

The enameled copper wire is cut accurately and cleanly to its stretched length – in exactly the way required for subsequent processing.

Isolation Removal and Chamfering of Pin-Ends

The automatic removal of the isolation and simultaneous chamfering of the two ends of the enameled copper wire are performed mechanically. During this process, the overall cross-sectional loss is less than 0.05 millimeters. In process: online measurements of copper core.

2D Preliminary Bending

During 2D preliminary bending, powerful servo units for the fast, accurate execution of multi-step tool movements ensure the correct geometry values, which can be freely programmed if required.

3D Die-Bending

The high-precision 3D die-bending process gives the heads of the hairpins their final shape. The top-quality characteristics and precise control of the process module ensure one hundred percent reproducibility.

As option: Final measurement of part geometry and inline adjustment.

Transport and Mono-Component Storage

The finished hairpins are ejected via a conveyor belt for unmixed, mono-component storage. The module is also equipped with open interfaces for further customer connections.

BM-HP 3000 Hairpin Machine

Scalable, Compact Automation Solution

The BM-HP 3000 is based on the modular BIMERIC servo production system. It impresses with its high output of 60 to 120 finished parts per minute. Variant changes are particularly flexible: solely by calling up the stored data – at a constant machine cycle rate, without machine downtime and without worker intervention.

For future requirements, the hairpin machine can also be flexibly expanded with additional process modules or the arrangement of the modules can be adapted. The central VariControl VC 1 control system guarantees safe and simple operation of the machine and all processes. And complete production on one production system saves additional equipment and the space required for it.

More than 30 Years of Experience in Hairpin Technology