Bihler of America

Bihler of America is an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E). We require new hire Drug and Alcohol testing as well as pre-employment and background checks.


Manufacturing plant is looking for a full-time Line Technician to work the day shift five days per week at 45 hours. Experience in operating, setting up, and performing maintenance on high precision production equipment in a metal stamping and forming environment.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Produce parts to customer specifications by:
    • Loading coils
    • Setting machine to specifications
    • Operating machine
  • Understand how to:
    • Troubleshoot equipment
    • Read piece part drawings
    • Measure parts using the proper inspection equipment
    • Inspect raw materials
    • Enter data to inspection, adjustment, production and inventory sheets
    • Make adjustments to tooling to keep parts within specifications
    • Ensure proper labeling, packaging, and palletizing of parts
  • Utilize a lift truck or overhead crane to load and remove coils:
    • Clean coils and inspect for defects
  • Maintains continuous operation of machines by:
    • Performing maintenance on machines as required
    • Oil and lubricate machines as necessary
  • Maintain all specifications:
    • Observe operations and detecting malfunctions
    • Inspect parts for defects/flaws
    • Measure size of holes, thickness and flatness of material by using:
      • Micrometers
      • Flatness indicators
      • Microscope
      • Hole size gauges
    • Adjust machines as necessary to keep within specifications
  • Observe the lock out/tag out procedure when making adjustments and repairs to machines
  • Assist Toolmaker as required

Skills & Requirements:

  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the department managers/supervisors along with:
    • Willingness to take on new tasks
    • Flexibility to prioritize changes and scheduling
    • Seek out work or request work from the supervisor when work is slow
    • Be a team player and help other employees
  • Packer Supervisor responsibilities are as follows:
    • Train new Packers with the assistance of Innospin Trainer
    • Assist in the training of new operators as needed
    • Arrange Packers’ breaks
    • Monitor Packers’ performance, workplace cleanliness, and inventory of supplies
    • Pack parts when necessary to assist Packer

Physical Requirements:

  • Standing for 11.5 hours, lifting up to 50 pounds
  • Uses metal stamping equipment, material handling, degreasing, packaging, inspection

Specific Knowledge, Licenses, Certifications, Etc.:

  • Minimum two years high school
  • Good math skills, mechanical ability, basic reading and writing.
  • Able to read, write, and speak English
  • Metal stamping or other production related background
  • When applicable, may supervise several packers during a shift
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Allowed File Types: .pdf
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