Posted on March 6, 2019 by Bihler of America

Clean, targeted lighting is as important for a surgeon as having the right instruments close by. The use of headlamps and overhead lights are inherently limited as movement and shadows interrupt a proper view of the surgical site. In comes the SurgiLight developed by BihlerMED in partnership with View Medical.

The SurgiLight is an exciting new surgical illumination device developed as an ergonomic alternative to headlamps and a great addition to overhead lights. SurgiLight provides versatile and safe illumination, which can be focused on specific surgical procedures. This precision surgical light can attach to existing overhead lighting or be mounted securely to an operating table to provide an optimal vantage point harnessing an intense and focused high powered LED light source.
Easy-To-Use Cordless & Adjustable LED Illumination

The SurgiLight is engineered and designed to be a valuable lighting assistant for surgeons in many operating room procedures. Surgeons from all specialties will enjoy the customizable nature of the adjustable arm and angle of illumination to provide consistent light exactly where it is needed. From orthopedics to gynecologic oncology, SurgiLight’s specifications allow surgeons to perform the most important tasks without the concern of how the operating site will be illuminated throughout a surgery.

SurgiLight’s Specifications:

  • Easy-to-use control panel at the end of the flexible arm.
  • Mounting The Device: SurgiLight is mounted for surgical illumination via a quick-attachment to an existing overhead light or by a secure hand-tightened operating table side mount.
  • Illumination Run Time: SurgiLight will provide consistent, clean lighting for 6-12 hours, depending on brightness settings.
  • Brightness: The high-end LED can perform up to 100 klx at 14 inches from the operating site.
  • Illumination Dimensions: At 14 inches, the SurgiLight is engineered to provide an illuminated area of as wide as 5” in diameter, and as narrow as 2” in diameter.
  • Monitoring & Safety: The SurgiLight contains an internal temperature monitor to maintain visibility and safe use of the light.
  • Modes & Options: SurgiLight has 4 selectable levels of brightness, as well as a burst mode. Additionally, a camera mount will be available soon for recording and streaming surgical procedures.

Sterile & Functional

As all surgeons know, sterility in the operating room is of paramount importance. SurgiLight’s flexible arm and adjustable lens are covered by an easily replaceable sterile protective sleeve. Each sterile sleeve is individually packaged and pre-sterilized, making it quick to open and slip on to the SurgiLight’s arm. The use of the sterile sleeves discourages bacterial transfer from the device to the surgeons or assistants gloves when adjusting its position, reducing the potential for post-surgical infection.

Bring SurgiLight To Your Operating Room

Available in the second quarter of 2019, SurgiLight can be trialed and purchased from BihlerMED via official company representatives or through the BihlerMED website. For more information on ordering SurgiLight, please Click Here or fill out the form on this page.
Official SurgiLight Launch At AAOS 2019

BihlerMED, a leading provider of medical illumination technology and illuminating medical devices, will be showcasing the full Scintillant product line, the SurgiLight surgical lighting system, and innovative lighting & camera operating table mounts at the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS 2019) March 12-16 in Las Vegas. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience demonstrations of these lighting devices in person at BihlerMED Booth #3129. Contact BihlerMED to schedule a time to meet and learn more.

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