RZV 2.1

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Module Details

Patented, compact feeding system for highly dynamic and secure positioning of strip or wire material

  • Variable feed lengths from zero to infinite – even various feed lengths (forwards and backwards) in one work cycle
  • Gentle treatment of the material due to multiple clamping via a compensation system, the clamping pressure is allocated to the three grippers
  • Exact transport is ensured also in case of thickness tolerances of strip material
  • Achieves faster feed times than mechanical feeds
  • Conversion from wire to strip without setup

Efficient use: RZV 2.1 in hairpin production

  • Stroke rate Max. 1,200 strokes/min. (20 mm feed length)
  • Feeding speed Max. 3.2 m/s
  • Feeding force 1,000 N
  • Feeding accuracy +/- 0.02 mm
  • Hydraulic clamping pressure 3,000 N – 7,000 N
  • Transport temperature Max. 60°
  • Strip thickness Max. 9.0 mm
  • Strip width Max. 300 mm
  • Wire diameter Max. 9.0 mm