Innovation Leadership

BihlerMED provides the products that enable surgeons and medical professionals to perform procedures more quickly, more safely and with better patient outcomes. Through our extensive testing, we have developed and brought to market products like the ergonomic and reliable Scintillant® Surgical Light.

We developed the family of Scintillant surgical lighting devices to be compact, cordless and lightweight. This gives surgeons the ability to position the bright LED illumination precisely where it is needed, even in the tightest spaces, to help them operate more efficiently and precisely.

BihlerMED has active and manufactured a variety of device categories including:

  • Intravenous (IV) Devices
  • OEM Surgical Lighting, designed and customized specifically for customer’s product needs
  • Oral Cryotherapy (contact us)

While other device design companies outsource production to third party outfits, thereby reducing their supply chain presence and accountability, BihlerMED offers the unique advantage of dedicated in-house manufacturing facilities.

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