The Bihler Method

Standard Equipment is one of the alternative ways Bihler of America delivers manufacturing success to customers.

We are the exclusive representative of Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, which is known worldwide for producing standard equipment that is of the highest quality, reliability, and performance.

End-to-End Automation For Your Manufacturing Success.

Bihler offers excellent, cost-effective production systems for every application in the stamping or forming of parts, or in the production of complete assemblies. We have mechanical and hybrid multi-slide machines, machining centers, automated servo-controlled manufacturing and assembly systems, and much more.

Bihler machines can be customized with intelligent tool solutions, specific units, process modules, and related flexible peripheral equipment, to meet the precise application of our customers. In addition, through re-engineering and refurbishment, Bihler and 4 Slide-NC machines can also be integrated with a customer’s existing four slide manufacturing equipment.

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