Standard equipment is one way Bihler of America delivers manufacturing success to our customers.

The Bihler Method

We are the exclusive representative of Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, known worldwide for producing standard equipment of the highest quality, reliability and performance.

What Is Bihler Standard Equipment?

Bihler provides a wide variety of machines as part of our standard equipment so we can provide services to as many businesses as possible. Here are some of the most common machines and services we provide.

Multi-Slide Machines

Multi-slide machines, similar to four-slide machines, are driven by shafts that mold materials into new shapes for product design. These machines typically have up to eight slides and work with stronger and wider materials. Mechanical cams help actuate these slides. In hybrid multi-slide machines, mechanical cams and programmable servo motors work together to actuate slides.

Compared to more traditional manufacturing processes, multi-slide machines can drastically reduce the amount of raw stock needed per product. This feature can be essential if you’re working with expensive product materials. Over time, you can save a substantial amount of money on material costs while also reducing time and labor expenses.

Machining Centers

Machining centers are highly versatile. They’re able to hold multiple tools in their changer, enabling them to perform a series of functions including drilling, milling, threading and more. The versatility of machining centers goes beyond multifunctionality. You can choose from many types of machining centers with different orientations and axes to cater to the unique construction specs of whatever products you’re manufacturing.

Automated Servo-Controlled Manufacturing

Servo controllers are the heart of any servo system. Controllers manage servo motors and feedback devices, creating a closed-loop system in which they can correct their own mistakes. In automated servo-controlled manufacturing, the servo detects a machine’s output and determines if any errors are present in the final product. This process reduces the human errors missed during inspections and allows workers to solve issues as soon as they arise.

Assembly Systems

We manufacture our products using an assembly system. Different groups of machines produce individual parts of the component to be built. Those parts then come together as an integrated final product, which we prepare for distribution. Assembly systems work best if your product meets these qualifications:

  • The product is in high demand.
  • The product has a stable design with a limited number of components.
  • The product is designed for automated assembly.

Servo Modules

Servo modules allow a machine’s controller and driver to interact without the use of cords. These modules provide maximum reliability for a machine and specialize in maintaining exacting control. They also record any measurements and functions the machine performs. Today, these modules are used in industries worldwide, such as robotics, publishing and textiles.

Machine Building

Our services also include customizing our standard equipment to suit the unique products you want to bring to life.

End-to-End Automation for Your Manufacturing Success

Bihler offers cost-efficient production systems for every application, from forming or stamping parts to producing complete assemblies. We have assembly systems, machining centers, mechanical and hybrid multi-slide machines, automated servo-controlled manufacturing and more to suit your needs.

You can customize Bihler machines with intelligent tool solutions, process modules, specific units and related flexible peripheral equipment to reach your precise application needs. In addition, through re-engineering and refurbishment, we can integrate Bihler and 4 Slide-NC machines with your existing four slide manufacturing equipment.

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