First-class support for your Machine

Is new manufacturing equipment in your strategic plan?  If it is, see what Bihler of America can do for you.

From basic production machines, all the way through to turnkey systems, Bihler has the right machine for the optimal production solution for you. Let us consult with you on your project from start to finish, and with our 40 years of experience in the industry, we can develop a complete manufacturing system for you that will exceed your performance requirements.

All of our equipment choices have the invaluable Bihler advantages of build quality and reliability know-how. All of our controls are on the cutting edge of technology. We offer remote Tele-Service, which connects you with the best of Bihler’s support team at the push of a button. And we offer OPC-UA integration, which provides a tremendous boost in the efficiency of your system, by allowing you to monitor – in real-time – everything the machine is doing.

Bihler machines are known for their reliability. However, should a problem arise, our highly qualified technicians are at your service. Our experts will diagnose the problem, create a solution, and perform the necessary service on your Bihler system quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure that your production runs smoothly and that we meet our customers’ expectations.


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Bihler’s experienced technicians are available to evaluate even your oldest of machines. Our service team members can provide not only service, but also solutions for updating them to incorporate modern controls with servo systems.  Providing customers cost efficient options to best utilize their current systems.

Remote Service

The AR Remote Service provides a real-time audio and video feed with our service expert, This allows Bihler to hear and view the equipment along with your technician.


– Real-time, two-way streaming of audio and video

– Ability to highlight graphically important controls or components

– Document exchange


– Fault analysis and troubleshooting

– Real-time instructions for adjustments and minor repairs

– Machine start-up support.

Machine rebuild

Quality pays off- allowing used Bihler machines to be made NEW again! A cost-efficient option over new; used machines are completely disassembled, evaluated, and rebuilt with new components.

Key Advantages:

  • Completely overhauled machine with up to date modern controls.
  • Tele-Service and OPC-UA Network-ready- Digital age compatible!
  • Control Systems allow for cutting edge operations and monitoring for all your manufacturing need

Training and Consulting

The Bihler’s professional training team is ready and waiting for you, with our new online training courses in addition to the established training and consulting program. From our new employees to our seasoned users, we will perfect (hone) your skillset on Bihler systems. Bihler tailors our consultation plans to your specific needs; from machine program optimization, tooling design, material selection to operational tasks; such as increasing tooling service life.  These and more lead to driving increased efficiency and productivity of your Bihler Systems.