Custom Automation Solutions

Bihler provides custom automation solution to meet virtually any manufacturing specification or machine requirement. Our team of experienced automation experts will create a tailored solution for your most demanding manufacturing, assembly, or packaging challenge. Bihler’s visionary production solutions have enabled clients to deliver cost-effective products worldwide.

Servo Automation System

Bihler’s automation solutions optimize and advance production capabilities utilizing flexible combinations of high performance servo driven processing modules. Bihler servo modules offer maximum reliability, recording of measurement values, sensors and the monitoring functions integrated into every process. Individual servo process modules include material feeding, stamping, forming, rolling, welding, tapping, thread forming, screw insertion and assembly.

Flexible Integration for every application.

The programmable technology offers ease of implementation of multi-directional movements for forming processes. Our all-in-one manufacturing system offers beneficial advantages to simplify production and reduce cost over standard sequential production processes. Bihler’s servo processing modules offer high-performance customizable solution for production, assembly, and processing tasks. The user-friendly human machine interface (HMI) enables process optimization through the intuitive input screens and quick parameterization of servo process modules.

If you’re looking for a custom automation solution that will increase your company’s productivity and efficiency, all while lowering your operational costs, contact Bihler of America.