Bihler Servo Processing Modules

All-in-One Manufacturing System for Complete Automation

Watch our servo modules in motion:

Bihler Servo Modules Capabilities:

Feeding material, punching, bending, forming threads, joining screws, welding contacts, mounting etc.

Bihler’s strength has always been the perfect interaction of as many processes as possible on a machine – all done via the central control platform VariControl VC 1.

Benefit from our expertise in servo technology for all production, assembly, and machining tasks. We can provide you with the design, development, and application programming of the control system

that will help you meet your manufacturing goals.


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Servo Units

  • Quick and exact execution of tool movements at process speeds of up to 240 1/min.
  • Freely programmable stroke movements and movement profiles
  • Maximum power can be freely selected across the whole working range, no fixed BDC
  • No change of mechanical components during setup

Material Feed

  • Radial gripper form feed RZV 2.11Safe and precise feeding of strip and wire material at production rates of up to 1,200 strokes/min.
  • Freely programmable feed lengths from 0 – ∞– Achieves faster feed times than mechanical feed
  • Wire and strip do not require setup
  • Patented adjustment system that automatically adjusts thickness tolerances on the strip material
  • Maximum wire and strip dimensions 9.0 x 300 mm

Contact Welding devices & servo control

Reliable welding/soldering of contact materials to manufacture contact base components with production rates of up to 800 contact welds/min.

  • Different device types for contact sizes up to a max. of 8.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 mm (LxWxH)
  • Processing of contact material for semi-finished products in profile shapes round, profile, square and sheet plates
  • Rapid changeover system for shortest possible setup times
  • Servo control guarantees flexible deployment– Optional integrated set-back path measurement for quality monitoring

Parts Handling

Bihler of America Servo Pick-and-Place

  • Pick & Place unit PPE 11Quick and flexible parts handling at up to 100 P&P cycles/min.5
  • Freely programmable axle positions
  • Freely definable movement profiles
  • Pick & Place with swivel arm and gripper, can also be used for sorting
  • Increased pulse rate in rotary table mode with several grippers
  • Time saving thanks to overlapping lifting and rotary movement