At Bihler of America, Sustainability is an essential component of a responsible, and successful, business.

At Bihler of America, we take great pride in the fact that, in the course of conducting our operations, we meet or exceed all industry standards for environmental protection. We minimize the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our production processes. We strictly maintain our work facilities, keeping them clean and free of any situations that might result in negative impacts to the environment, or that might present hazards to our valued workforce. We are diligent about recycling all processing- and manufacturing-related oils and fluids. We even recycle all of our printer toner cartridges throughout all of our facilities.

We Empower Our People to Help the Environment

We assist our employees in their efforts to maintain a safe and sustainable environment. To reduce the use of plastic bottles, and to reduce the amount of wastewater produced at our facilities, we provide our employees with reusable water bottles, and we have freshwater stations available for their use in all of our buildings. We have recycling bins in all areas where employees would generate recyclable waste. We have even refined our processes to reduce waste and production timing in order to provide optimized working conditions for all of our engineers.

A Solar-Powered Facility

We installed a 2.2 Megawatt Solar panel system comprised of solar cells that are located on or near the Bihler of America buildings in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

LED Lighting

With the objective of reducing our energy footprint, we set for ourselves a goal to reduce our electricity consumption for facility lighting by 5%. We surveyed all of our offices and production facilities. Where feasible, we installed occupancy sensors, and we anticipate that, in 2018 and 2019, we will replace all existing facility lighting with LED technology.

In addition, as an integral part of Bihler of America’s partner program, we have implemented an Energy Efficient Purchasing Policy, in which we evaluate purchases with the goal of maximizing efficiency, both in order to save energy, and to foster the wise stewardship of the world’s resources.