Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Service

Even More Security in Your Production

Bihler is proud to introduce its new Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Service. The Bihler AR Remote Service allows us to work directly with you to address any problems or potential issues that may arise in the operation of your Bihler systems – and to solve them quickly, easily, and efficiently. The Bihler AR Remote Service uses the latest technology – consisting primarily of a simple video call – and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and AR headsets.

The AR Remote Service provides a real-time video and audio feed to our service expert, who is essentially looking over the shoulder of your machine operator. Our service expert can then guide the operator with step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the needed procedure. The instructions are enhanced by virtual graphics that appear in the operator’s field of vision to highlight the actual objects that need to be handled to carry out the task. Not only does the customer benefit from a precise diagnosis that is done remotely, but in most cases, production can be resumed almost immediately once the repair or adjustment is completed.

Save Time and Money

The combination of our traditional Remote Service, and our new AR Remote Service, allows you to minimize the need to interrupt your production operations to make repairs and adjustments. Using the AR Remote Service, and working directly with your machine operator, our service experts can analyze and resolve a wide variety of minor faults, adjust settings, and make minor repairs, almost immediately.

The access provided by AR Remote Service eliminates the need for on-site service visits billed on a fee basis. For more complex tasks, when an on-site service visit is necessary, a fault analysis will have been done in advance. The service technician will then arrive at your site knowing exactly what needs to be done, enabling him to complete the task quickly and efficiently.


  • Fault analysis and troubleshooting
  • Real-time instructions for adjustments and minor
  • Machine start-up support


  • Real-time, two-way streaming of audio and video
  • Ability to highlight graphically important controls or components
  • Document exchange

Mobile Version

  • Always at hand, and ready for immediate use
  • Very easy setup and handling
  • Large screen (e.g., for document exchange and/or videos)
  • Bihler AR Service is independent of that of the device manufacturer

Headset Version

  • Keeps the operator’s hands free to perform necessary tasks
  • Easy communication via the integrated headset
  • Built-in camera transmits the operator’s point of view
  • Bihler AR Service is independent of that of the headset manufacturer