Machine Operator

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Full time; day or night


This position is responsible for the effective operation, maintenance, and quality of products produced on assigned production equipment. Day and Night positions available with paid Night Differential and Overtime.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Produces parts to customer specifications
    • Understands piece part drawings, measuring parts using the proper inspection equipment
    • Inspection of raw materials entering data, filling out inspection sheets, adjustment sheets, production sheets, inventory sheets
    • Makes adjustment to tooling to keep parts in specification
    • Ensures proper labeling, packaging and palletizing of parts
  1. Produces parts by:
    • Loading coils
    • Setting machine to specifications
    • Operating machine
  1. Utilizes lift truck or overhead crane to load and remove coils
    • Cleans coils
    • Inspects coils for defects
  1. Maintains continuous operation of machines by performing maintenance on machines as required
    • Oils and lubricates machines as necessary
  1. Maintains specifications by:
    • Observing operation
    • Detecting malfunctions
    • Inspecting parts for defects/flaws
    • Measures size of holes, thickness and flatness of material by:
      1. Using micrometer
      2. Flatness indicator
  • Microscope
  1. Hole size gauges
  • Adjusts machines as necessary to keep parts within specifications
  1. Maintains clean parts by:
    • Monitoring levels of fluids in degreaser and still
    • Adds fluids to degreaser when necessary
    • Change fluids in degreaser and still as needed
    • Observes vapor levels to make sure they remain at a safe level
  1. Ensures safety of self and fellow employees by:
    • Following safety procedures when handling chemicals
    • Utilizes protective clothing, glasses, ear protection and respirators as required
    • Observes the lock out/tag out procedure when making adjustments and repairs to machines
  1. Maintains a clean and safe work environment by emptying scrap bin when it is full
    • Emptying waste oil machine
    • Cleaning oil and scraps from floor and work area

Skills & Requirements:

  1. Responsible for supervision of packers
    • Arranges breaks
    • Monitors work to see they are performing properly
    • Keeping their work area clean
    • Keeping their supplies full
  1. Follows company policies and applicable safety procedures
  1. Willingly takes on new tasks
    • Flexible to changes in priorities and scheduling
    • Seeks out work or requests work from supervisor when work is slow
    • Willing to help other employees
  1. Maintain satisfactory attendance and punctuality
  1. Packs parts when necessary, or when work is slow
  1. Trains new packers
    • Assists with the training of machine operators
  1. Assists toolmakers as required
  1. Performs other functions as required

Physical Requirements:

  • Standing for 11.5 hours, lifting up to 50 pounds
  • Use metal stamping equipment, material handling, degreasing, packaging, inspection

Specific Knowledge, Licenses, Certifications, Etc.:

  • Minimum two years high school
  • Good math skills, mechanical ability, basic reading and writing.
  • Able to read, write, and speak English
  • Metal stamping or other production related background

About Bihler

  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E)
  • We require new hire Drug and Alcohol testing
  • We require pre-employment and background checks
  • Competitive compensation, secure employment with benefits, inc. 401K available for the right candidate

Additional Notes:

Follow ALL Safety Procedures

Ensure safety of self and fellow employees by following safety procedures when handling chemicals and:

  • Utilize protective clothing, glasses, ear protection and respirators as required
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment

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