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The Cordless, Battery-Powered SurgiLight

The SurgiLight by BihlerMED & View Medical is an exciting new surgical illumination device developed as an ergonomic alternative to headlamps. SurgiLight provides versatile and safe illumination, which can be focused on specific surgical procedures. This precision surgical light can attach to existing overhead lighting to provide an optimal vantage point harnessing an intense and focused high powered LED light source.

  • High density LED
  • Rechargeable battery 11.25 Volt 2,950 mAH
  • Charger and power cable
  • Custom-fit carrying case
  • Table mount adapter

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Cordless LED Light at your Fingertips

SurgiLight features an ergonomic flexible shaft that stays put once adjusted, allowing for a custom angle of illumination while minimizing shadows and eliminating the pain associated with headgear. SurgiLight’s flexible arm allows for more agile and precise positioning of the LED lighting source. In the near future, the system will also offer an optional auxiliary mount for cameras such as the commonly used GoPro for optimal, motion-free, angles for education and review. The rechargeable battery pack enables freedom from the restrictions and hazards of traditional wired systems.

Ergonomic Design for Mobility and Pain-Free Comfort

The SurgiLight system comes in a convenient carrying case that houses the light, adapter, and accessories, enabling it to be easily transferred between operating rooms. This feature makes it ideal for surgeons who operate at multiple locations, as well as those who travel to remote destinations where adequate lighting may not always be available.

Traditional headlamps are not particularly ergonomic and are the cause of physical discomfort and neck pain for many surgeons. The SurgiLight illumination system reduces dependence on led surgical headlights which are often associated with neck discomfort, providing the surgeon with an excellent light source with precise application.

The SurgiLight has been extremely well received by numerous segments of the medical industry and we welcome you to experience its many groundbreaking benefits.

  • Run time 6-12 hrs. (Depending on setting)
  • 100 klx maximum brightness @ 14″
  • 2″-5″ diameter spotlight @ 14″
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • 4 brightness levels + burst mode
  • Plug-and-play integration

To request a trial, Click Here.   For the SurgiLight Operators Manual, please click the image below:

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