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Scintillant Surgical Light

Scintillant® Surgical Lights

In many operating rooms, headlamps and overhead lights serve as the standards for surgical lighting equipment. While these lights have proven essential to the success of many surgeries, occasional shadows arise and can cause complications in intricate procedures. This issue is both a danger to patients and a source of frustration for surgeons everywhere.

Our sterile, battery-powered, powerful LED Scintillant Surgical Lights are ergonomically designed devices that provide untethered illumination in the operating room.

Unlike other operating room lights, which may have cords or be too heavy, BihlerMed’s portable surgery lights are easy to move. You can attach them to your surgical tools and overhead lights for added visibility anywhere you need it. Prevent even the smallest shadows when you bring your light straight to the operating field with BihlerMed.

Our standard Scintillant® lights come with the following features:

  • 14K Lux at 4″
  • 3 Hour Run Time
  • Individually Packaged
  • Sterile & Ready to use
  • Single-Use Disposable
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Shelf life of three years

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Scintillant® Suction

The Scintillant Suction is a handheld surgical light assembled to a tonsil-style suction tip designed to combine fluid aspiration with bright LED illumination. The Suction is ready for use directly from the package, enabling users to immediately safely navigate obstructions, clearly visualize anatomy and easily aspirate fluids.

In an operation when every second counts, use this tool to get the visibility you need right away for complex procedures.

This product is one of our most versatile options in the Scintillant® line. Procedures in gynecology and urology, colorectal surgeries, general surgeries, orthopedic surgeries and plastic surgeries have already benefited from the combined use of suction and lighting in the same tool.

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Scintillant® Zip-Strap

The Scintillant Zip-Strap is a handheld LED surgical light featuring rubber straps for simple attachment to surgical instruments. The non-tethered construction enables users to enhance operating room instruments, clearly illuminate the surgical field and safely navigate critical obstructions during surgical procedures. The innovative design of the Zip-Strap creates a wide range of opportunities to combine its bright white illumination with standard operating room instruments.

The Zip-Strap will supply your surgeons with light even in complex surgeries. In use, this tool has effectively provided deep cavity illumination in delicate spinal procedures, a unique and valuable capability. Whatever you use to get your work done, BihlerMed ensures you have the tools you need while keeping your space bright.

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Scintillant® Retractor

The Scintillant Retractor is a handheld surgical light affixed to a low profile flat retractor designed to combine moderate blunt retraction of tissue with bright LED illumination. The ergonomic design enables users to safely navigate critical obstructions, clearly visualize anatomy and efficiently retract tissue. Shipped sterile, the surgical lighted Retractor is ready for use immediately upon removal from its protective packaging.

Use this tool to ensure you’re getting the best look possible when inspecting anatomy. Surgeons have found this product to be most useful in gynecological, general, plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

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When you’re ready to see our surgical lights in action, one of our trusted sales representatives will come to you and provide a demonstration of any products of interest. We’ll highlight the accessibility and convenience BihlerMed products will bring to your operating rooms.

Since 2006, BihlerMed has been dedicated to “making healthier happen” for the worldwide medical community. Our Scintillant® technology was born from our desire to innovate new solutions to old problems. We strive to develop tools that will enable surgeons to perform safer and faster procedures with confidence, resulting in improved patient outcomes and physician satisfaction. For more information on our Scintillant® lights and their features, contact us today. We’ll help you enhance your surgeries and find the best lighting to suit your needs.


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