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Medical Surgical Lighting Equipment

In an operating room, few things are more important than proper lighting. Even a small shadow can cause complications when you’re in the middle of an intricate surgery. For a long time, headlamps and overhead lights were the industry standards for ensuring a bright operating theater with highly visible planes.

However, these surgical lights have their shortcomings. Headlamps cause ergonomic strain in surgeons, leading to exhaustion and a loss of focus due to neck and back pains. Overhead lights provide more comprehensive visibility but can be difficult to adjust correctly. They’re also more likely to cast shadows from surgeons, tools and even other lights below them.

BihlerMed’s portable surgical lights outshine conventional lighting solutions. We have LED surgical lights for sale that provide light as close to the surgical field as possible. Our Scintillant® light collections attach right to your instruments, while our Surgilights provide flexibility in overhead lighting. These options give you the hands-free mobility you need while ensuring you never miss a step in surgery due to improper lighting.

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Scintillant® Surgical Light

The Scintillant® Surgical Light is a sterile, single-use, cordless illumination device available with a variety of attachments that brings bright white LED light directly into the surgical field to “make healthier happen.” It is available in combination with either a flat retractor or suction instrument, or separately to attach to existing instruments. This versatility offers unsurpassed flexibility in use and endless possibilities.

Scintillant® Attachments

BihlerMed can provide your program with three lighting options for use on the surgical floor:

  • Scintillant® Suction: This product is ready for use right out of the package. When seconds matter, use our tonsil-style suction tip to work around obstructions and effectively aspirate fluids.
  • Scintillant® Retractor: Use this moderate blunt retractor to get past tissue while illuminating anatomy up close. The ergonomic design allows you to easily move past any impediments during surgery.
  • Scintillant® Zip-Strap: This handheld medical surgical light comes with two rubber straps for easy application on any surgical tool. Enhance every instrument in the OR with added visualization everywhere you need it to navigate past critical areas.

All of our equipment options come pre-sterilized and in packs of five, and you can dispose of them after each use.

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View Medical SurgiLight

The Surgilight by View Medical is an exciting new surgical illumination device developed as an ergonomic alternative to headlamps.

Attach this battery-powered device to your overhead lamp for added flexibility in your operating room. The shaft is maneuverable so you can view the surgical field from any angle necessary. With four brightness levels and a run time of up to 12 hours without charging, the Surgilight will give you light everywhere you need it most.

To learn more about our medical Surgilights and how you can get them in your hospital, contact BihlerMed today. Our mission is to provide you and all medical professionals with innovative tools that improve outcomes for surgeons and patients alike. Call us today at 908-213-9001 to get started.

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