What Makes The Scintillant Surgical Light Unique?

The Scintillant Surgical Light is compact, ergonomically designed and packaged for one-time use. This sterile, battery-powered light wand is cordless and brings intense LED lighting precisely inside the surgical site.

What Types of Scintillant Surgical Light products are available?

The Scintillant light wand is available in three different configurations: The Scintillant Retractor, a handheld surgical light affixed to a low profile flat retractor; the Scintillant® Suction, a handheld surgical light secured to a tonsil-style suction tip; and the Scintillant® Zip-Strap, a handheld surgical light featuring rubber straps for simple attachment to other types of surgical instruments.

How does the Scintillant Surgical Light improve medical procedure outcomes?

Because it is compact, cordless and lightweight, surgeons have the ability to position the bright LED illumination precisely where it is needed, even in the tightest spaces, to help surgeons operate more efficiently and precisely.

Is any preparation of the Scintillant Surgical Light required prior to using?

No. All Scintillant Surgical Light instruments are sterile when removed from the packaging and are ready for immediate use.

What types of medical procedures may the Scintillant Surgical Light be used for?

The Scintillant Surgical Light is well suited for a broad range of medical procedures that include general surgery, male urology, pediatric urology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, hand and foot surgery, colo-rectal surgery, vaginal surgery, orthopedic surgery and many others.