Posted on March 27, 2017 by Bihler of America

(Phillipsburg, NJ – February 2017) BihlerMED, a leading provider of medical illumination technology and devices, in partnership with View Medical, will introduce the Surgilight surgical lighting system at the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS 2017), at the San Diego Convention Center, March 14-18. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience demonstrations of the lighting device in person at BihlerMED Booth #4914. “AAOS 2017 is the ideal place and time to introduce Surgilight, considering the critical importance that precision lighting plays in today’s orthopedic procedures,” commented Dan Coppersmith, Sales and Marketing Manager for BihlerMED.

Surgilight provides versatile and safe illumination, which can be focused on specific surgical procedures. The device overcomes the limitations of traditional overhead surgical lighting by allowing the LED light source to be precisely directed above the patient via a long, flexible and maneuverable shaft. Overhead mounting is easily achieved by replacing the light handle; mounting to side rail clamps is another essential option. The result is the safe illumination of a precise surgical area from virtually any angle. “When surgeons are working with overhead lighting, their head and hands often create unwanted shadows,” explains Coppersmith. “With Surgilight’s highly maneuverable and adjustable illumination, shadows are quickly and easily mitigated.” Traditional overhead lights adjust by swinging and pivoting. Surgilight’s flexible arm allows for more agile and precise positioning of the light source.

Surgilight is powered by a rechargeable, internal battery source, which provides 6-11 hours of running illumination, depending on brightness level. Table mount solutions with multiple clamping options are also available, further eliminating potential safety risks associated with cumbersome, wired overhead lamps. Designed for simple plug-and-play integration, Surgilight comes with mounting accessories that easily integrate with a wide range of standard overhead lighting components and fixtures. Surgilight is also constructed with a mounting feature that accommodates GoPro cameras, eliminating the need for traditional videography equipment, which may interfere with surgical team interaction or operating procedures.

Built with movability in mind, the Surgilight system comes in a convenient carrying case that houses the light, adaptor and accessories, enabling it to be easily transferred among operating rooms. Coppersmith added, “This is especially beneficial for surgeons who operate at multiple locations within close proximity, as well as those who travel to remote destinations where adequate lighting may not always be available.”

Traditional headlights are not particularly ergonomic, and is the cause of physical discomfort and neck pain for many surgeons. The Surgilight illumination system however, minimizes or eliminates the need for surgical headlights and the associated neck discomfort, providing the surgeon with an excellent light source with precise application.

Since introduction last year, the Surgilight has been extremely well received by numerous segments of the medical industry. Coppersmith comments, “Initial feedback on Surgilight from the greater medical community has been fantastic, and we look forward to formally introducing it to the orthopedic community at the AAOS conference.”

Surgilight is the product of a strategic partnership between BihlerMED and Tennessee-based View Medical, which specializes in the design, project management and market delivery of highly advanced surgical technology, particularly in the orthopedic medical device segment. Coppersmith concluded, “This strong partnership with View Medical builds on our commitment to provide the medical industry with innovative, cost-effective solutions to long standing challenges.”

At AAOS 2017, company representatives will also be showcasing other BihlerMED devices, including the Scintillant® Surgical Light and the Safe-T-Surg™ disposable retractor.

BihlerMED cordially welcomes writers, editors and publishers attending AAOS 2017, and is scheduling press appointments at this time. To schedule a meeting or interview, please call Dan Coppersmith, Sales and Marketing Manager at 908- 329-9123, or email [email protected] with the Subject “AAOS Media Request.” Drop-ins also are welcome to visit the company’s exhibit, Booth #4914.