Medical Device Manufacturing

At BihlerMED, we believe in a comprehensive design/development process that combines the highest levels of technical engineering and R&D with the assurance that the final product will meet all applicable regulatory standards. The result is a medical device that is safe and effective for your application.

The BihlerMED Advantage

While other device design companies outsource production to third party outfits, thereby reducing their supply chain presence and accountability, BihlerMED offers the unique advantage of dedicated in-house manufacturing facilities.

As an integral member of the Bihler Group of Companies, we have access to proven, technologically advanced manufacturing and assembly automation solutions for medical devices. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing our team is involved in every step of the project from design to manufacturing to distribution.

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Contact Us for more information about our medical device manufacturing facilities. Our medical device manufacturing capabilities combined with the Bihler 4 Slide-NC servo-driven four slide machines greatly enhances manufacturing efficiency.

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