At BihlerMED, our continuing mission is to design, engineer and develop advanced medical devices and accessories that “Make Healthier Happen.” This commitment to safety, quality and excellence through extensive testing has resulted in our Scintillant lighting technology, which provides superior illumination and visualization to improve upon the limitations of traditional surgical lighting solutions in the operating room. Through our design, engineering, research & development, and testing of innovative devices and apparatus, we give surgeons the ability to perform procedures more quickly, more safely and with better patient outcomes.

BihlerMED provides medical device & apparatus services such as:

  • Product Design
  • Technical Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Product Testing


Founded: 2006

Area of Service: Regional, national and global

Mission: Medical innovation that improves outcomes for surgeon and patient alike

Headquarters: Phillipsburg, NJ USA

Philosophy: “Together, healthier happens.”

Values: Quality. Integrity. Teamwork.

Quality Standards

As a member of the Bihler Group Companies, we adhere to the shared goal of achieving and maintaining a leadership role in our respective marketplaces, and as a trusted and valued partner in helping to realize the success of all our customers.


BihlerMED recognizes the important part we play as a responsible corporate citizen in creating an environmentally sustainable future. As part of these efforts we constantly consider, evaluate and test the most appropriate materials, processes and manufacturing operations that support us in achieving these goals. Use our contact tab to request a quote for research, development and testing services.