Three key reasons to replace your headlamp

November 4, 2020

If you asked a surgeon if they had ever felt the need to readjust their headlamp during a procedure, the expected response would be “yes”. Touching a headlamp to readjust it during a procedure can contaminate the sterile field. Headlamps can be effective, but there are also problems with their usage, such as limited mobility, shadowing, and high maintenance costs. BihlerMed’s SurgiLight is a complete, multi-application device that is an effective alternative to headlamps. It provides additional lighting that is hands-free and is tether-free, that does not have the risk of increased neck pain, and that is less costly.


Shadowing can be a source of concern during a procedure. A surgeon using a headlamp could be forced to stand as much as two feet away from the surgical site. With that much distance between the physician and the operative site, light can sometimes be blocked or “shadowed” by instruments, or even by the surgeon’s own hands.

Solution: The SurgiLight device supplements traditional overhead surgical lighting by providing safe illumination of a surgical area from virtually any angle. It allows the positioning of an LED light source directly above the patient via a flexible shaft. Satisfying the specific needs of the surgeon and of his or her team, as well as hospital safety regulations, the SurgiLight provides a comfortable working distance of 11 to 16 inches from the tip of the SurgiLight to the incision area. The powerful LED light incorporates an adjustable lens that can focus the beam width from 2 inches to 5 inches, depending upon the operating distance, making the SurgiLight a reliable, uniform light source for lengthy procedures. Having a bright adjustable light, such as that from the SurgiLight, shining within 14” of the incision, and at an angle different from the surgeon’s line of sight, can significantly reduce the occurrence of shadowing.

Portability/Neck Pain

Tethered headlamps can pose slip, trip, or fall hazards, which are not unlikely, due to the large number of physicians and staff that may be clustered around the patient in the operating room. The limited portability of the tethered headlamps can result in circumstances in the OR that could potentially jeopardize the sterile field, resulting in contamination.

The ergonomics that are inherent in headlamps force the surgeon to crane their necks to see inside the surgical site, which can ultimately result in reoccurring neck pain.

Solution: SurgiLight features an ergonomic, flexible shaft that remains in place once it is adjusted, allowing for a custom angle of illumination and the minimization of shadows, while reducing the pain often associated with headgear. SurgiLight’s adjustable arm allows for more rapid and precise positioning of the LED lighting source. The rechargeable battery pack offers freedom from the restrictions and hazards of traditional wired systems. The SurgiLight is provided with single-use sleeves that allow accurate positioning without the risk of compromising the sterile field.

Headlamp Pricing

In addition to the problems caused by their inflexible nature, headlamps come at a high price point. The average, lowest-grade headlamp costs over $1,200. At the other end of the spectrum, higher-end models can cost more than $5,000. Typically, the headlamps last about a year; a bulb replacement would be required after 500 hours. Depending on the frequency and duration of the surgeon’s procedures, a bulb replacement could be necessary in as little as three months.

Solution: The SurgiLight device is rechargeable and is easy to use – providing consistent light for six to twelve hours. To maintain sterility, the protective sleeve and the handle assembly come in single-use sterile packs of six and protect the SurgiLight during each use. With its ergonomic design, the SurgiLight includes a LED powered illuminating lens and adjustable handle, which provides high-quality lighting and promotes a long-lasting device life. With the Surgilight, a routine bulb replacement is not required. BihlerMed offers an all-inclusive two-year warranty on replacements and maintenance services.

The SurgiLight illumination system provides surgeons with an excellent light source that can be precisely controlled. It reduces dependence on LED surgical headlights, which are often associated with neck discomfort. The modular nature of the SurgiLight attachment point allows it to be easily mounted on various OR fixtures – such as the overhead light array, or even a bedrail – for hands-free lighting. The new-to-market SurgiLight system has been developed for surgeons who need hands-free illumination without the limitations that are found in existing surgical headlamps.

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