Standardized tool manufacturing

May 22, 2020

Simple and quick change of LEANTOOL tool modules

Christoph Liebers GmbH & Co. KG has been using the LEANTOOL progressive system from Bihler for two years. The tooling experts from Gaimersheim have already implemented 29 modular progressive tools on a GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine.

With tool making based on the standardized LEANTOOL progressive system and a GRM-NC, the medium-sized family business is pursuing two strategic approaches at the same time. “On the one hand, we create attractive pro-duction capacities for our customers. On the other hand, as toolmakers we can now develop, manufacture and test new tools extremely efficiently and flexibly,” says Managing Director Michael Starke. “With this combination and strategy, we want to put ourselves at the top of the game. Based on current developments in the market, we see immense potential for our future with this approach.” This was confirmed at the Blech expo last November. “After presenting our service portfolio at the trade show, we received a large number of requests. Some of these will go into production in the course of this year, while others are in the process of fine-tuning together with our customers.”

Read the article to learn more about Christoph Liebers GmbH & Co. KG’s experience using LeanTool Systems.