BihlerMED November e-Newsletter

November 2, 2017

2017 MPO Summit Recap

BihlerMED showcased its portfolio of products and services, alongside some of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world, at the recent conference in beautiful downtown San Diego. As a virtual heartland of the medtech industry, this was the perfect environment for networking and gaining valuable insight into the market and current trends from industry leaders.

The Lineus Medical SafeBreak Vascular

The SafeBreakTM Vascular by Lineus Medical is BihlerMED’s latest manufacturing project, developed to address the growing problem of IV failure. Using its quick-disconnect technology, the SafeBreak Vascular stops the flow of fluid from the IV pump and the patient and automatically alerts medical personnel of an issue with the IV line. This exciting product is on-track for launch in early 2018, with manufacturing processes validated and production currently underway.

BihlerMED will be at AAOS 2018

BihlerMED is prepping and excited to be attending the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Annual Meeting this March in New Orleans, LA. This popular event is always a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest technology and improvements in orthopedics.

View Medical Surgilight

The Surgilight by View Medical continues toward a first quarter 2018 release, thanks to the BihlerMED team’s diligent work. This flexible surgical lighting solution will be transitioning into production mode shortly, with the ultimate goal of taking pre-orders for unit delivery in early 2018.